NFL Power Rankings: Top 10 After Week Two

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Sep 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins (10) catches a touchdown pass in overtime against Tennessee Titans cornerback Jason McCourty (30) at Reliant Stadium. The Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans 30-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

9. Houston Texans:

The Texans survived another scare from an inferior team, this time against the very surprising Tennessee Titans. Houston came back in this game, down 24-16 with only five minutes left in the game. This game went to overtime, but could’ve been ended far sooner, with Randy Bullock kicking three times, and missing all three opportunities to win the ballgame with time expiring. This should be cause for concern, as if your kicker has struggles with the game on the line, then you’re not going to have a good time as the season progresses. Matt Schaub was mediocre, throwing for 298 yards for three touchdowns and two interceptions, but the stuff of note came with the running game, and a rookie wide receiver. The running game truly seems like it will be a somewhat split backfield, with Arian Foster, and a very good Ben Tate. Foster may have had more carries, 19 for 79 yards and a touchdown, but Tate was the more explosive player getting nine carries for 93 yards. With the way Tate played, we may see him get even more playing time, and touches in the next game, as the Texans continue to try and keep Arian Foster healthy for the entire season. The final thing of note, was rookie Deandre Hopkins, who caught the game winning touchdown on a spectacular jump ball in the endzone. With Andre Johnson potentially missing the next game, Hopkins will have to continue to improve, and blossom into the number one receiver that the Texans hope he will one day become. The Texans are 2-0 and that’s all that matters, but if the Chargers and Titans don’t self destruct, this team could just as easily be sitting at 0-2. For now they stay at the bottom of the top ten, but could just as easily be far higher, or far lower next week.