New England Patriots vs. New York Jets: Preview and TV Schedule

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When I look at the matchups between these two teams, I notice immediately that neither of these two teams holds a significant advantage over the other. That’s what makes me believe that the Patriots and Jets will be playing a close rivalry game akin to their first meeting last year. But that said, the Patriots also look like the more talented team and the more well-rounded team, because I have them as being the slightly better team in each of these individual matchups, except when it comes to their running game (the Jets should be able to contain Ridley, because they are better at stopping power backs than speed backs like Shane Vereen). This game is going to be the close, but the Patriots are simply too good to lose this. When in doubt in close games, go with the team with the better and deeper secondary and, more importantly, the better quarterback. The Patriots may have more injuries at receiver and tight end, but they have better depth at those positions and still have better WRs than the Jets.

New England Patriots 21, New York Jets 20

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