New England Patriots Writers Wanted


Musket Fire is looking to add more staff writers to help provide some more coverage for the dedicated New England Patriots fans that visit the site on a day-to-day basis. Whether you have experience in blogging or are new to the game is irrelevant, because all applications will be reviewed and evaluated on the same scale. Since I believe we have a strong staff in place right now, I am going to be much more selective than before in the application process. But don’t worry, all writers who have at least average grammar and a high amount of knowledge of the Pats will be accepted. Please apply here.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick looks at the scoreboard during the third quarter against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots won 29-26. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Writing for Musket Fire is a great opportunity to get your work out there, especially if you are just looking to get your feet wet in blogging. As you can see by the toolbar above, your content will regularly be featured on Sports Illustrated, and the site is set up for your success. Email me at for more information, and it would also be nice to get to me if you are considering applying or already applied. That way, I have a heads up and can find your application easier.

We have a great staff here on the site, and I am sure you will enjoy working with the great bunch we have. My only requirement is one post per week, and I feel this is a lenient requirement that is easy to achieve. Those who go above and beyond will get paid for their work, as I pay an average of two writers each month. It isn’t much, but I try to reward the writers on the staff, and it is rare to find a paying gig online as a staff writer. My advice is to do it because you love it, because blogging doesn’t exactly reap financial rewards.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. I am looking forward to adding some more great voices on the New England Patriots, and I make sure to work closely with my staff and give as much advice as possible into being a successful blogger.

We are looking for:

1. People who can provide intelligent analysis and opinion on the New England Patriots without being overly cynical or “fanboys”

2. Writers who can cover news quickly surrounding the team, AFC East, and/or the NFL

3. Bloggers who can help beef up our coverage of the Pats, the division, and the NFL without bias and give the site all-encompassing coverage

4. Talented individuals who are easy to work with, buy into a team mentality, and communicate

5. Again, writers who can contribute at least once per week (I have accepted less, and some of our writers just contribute monthly columns, which is something you can also apply for if necessary)

6. Not comfortable with writing? If you are good with social media, then I have a position that could be right for you.

Writers on Musket Fire are not regularly compensated, but I do pay out a couple of writers each month on a performance basis and will pay out more writers as the staff and site grow. The beauty of the set up is that there is a place for those who only have time for a weekly column to get their thoughts out, as well as  a place to those individuals who have the time and motivation to write frequently and get paid for their efforts. Our goal is to give the New England Patriots fan base news, analysis, opinion, and more only a timely, frequent basis, because a great fan base deserves the best coverage they can get.

Email me at for more information and apply with either the links above or below. Thank you.

Another link to the official application.