Why the New England Patriots Will Not Fall 2013-2014


The New England Patriots have doubters once again this upcoming NFL season, and they’re back with a vengeance. Some say the Patriots will fall into a losing record or even coming behind the Dolphins in the AFC East. There are reasons behind those words but here’s some reasons why the Patriots will continue their dominance this upcoming NFL season.

1. Tom Brady

If anyone has heard of this three-time Super Bowl Champion quarterback please tell me because I don’t. This guy has only carried this team since the Randy Moss years and it seems the Patriots have been in playoff’s ever since. So say for instance Aaron Hernandez was Randy Moss leaving…. It’s kinda that idea. Star players leave, I don’t care how they do, they just do eventually. If you told me who I’d pick between the two stars. I’d pick Randy Moss no question’s asked. I’m not comparing the two, they play different positions. I’m making a point that even if Tom Brady looses his top targets he’s always going to make some teammate better and develop him into a notable player. Like I think he will with Danny Amendola replacing Wes Welker. TB12 is just that good, you can bash me all you want in the comment section, I will still say that he is the best quarterback in the league because he can do that to just about anybody – makes his guys better.

2. Tom Brady’s Targets

Jan 13, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) screams before the AFC divisional round playoff game against the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s weird that I have Tom Brady as the focus in the first two reasons but I have this one because it’s simply very important. If you haven’t figured out he is too. When Tom Brady has targets that he trusts and builds consistent chemistry, he’s unstoppable. Unfortunately, he doesn’t but I think he will with Danny Amendola mid to late season. They’ve already established a strong bond working out this off-season and will transition into this season most certainly. I think now that Tom Brady has Amendola, Dobson, Boyce, Gronkowski, Hawkins, Eldeman, these guys have way more athleticism than last year’s, Welker, Lloyd, Hernandez, and Branch tandems. Even though the Patriots can sign Lloyd to a deal which I think they probably will during the season or maybe this off-season if there’s trouble connecting with the new guys. Now that Tom Brady has younger legs, more athletic it just makes his job a lot easier. You know what happens when Tom Brady’s job is easy? Well that’s an easy question to answer.

3. Improved Defense

The Patriots vastly improved their defense in the draft and in free agency a few key names being (2nd round draft choice) Jamie Collins, Adrian Wilson, Aquib Talib and Tommy Kelly. Even though the defense is not elite, it is very productive and explosive. Which the Patriots organization has worked on in past drafts also. The twenty-ninth ranked pass defense will be much better mark my words. It may get to fifteenth if the injuries hold up. With a top five run defense and a top fifteen pass defense that’s a recipe for success because the offense scores thirty points a game. With the defense only giving up twenty points or maybe fewer on average, you do the math. Those numbers represent a successful 2013-2014 defensive campaign. But is it enough for a championship, that’s the question.

4. The Running Game

The New England Patriots ran the ball a lot last season with one thousand rusher Stevan Ridley. It surprised some people that they ended up with the seventh best rushing attack. The Patriots will continue their dominance getting better in that regard with the addition of former one thousand yard rusher Lagarrette Blount. Blount was traded to New England on draft day, giving up a questionable kick returner Jeff Demps. We may see second year man Shane Vareen have a breakout season as the Patriots third down back. He’s replacing Danny Woodhead, who signed with the San Diego Chargers this off-season.  I feel like the Patriots can lean even more on that rushing attack with the addition to Blount and the return of Brandon Bolden who struggled with injuries. We’ll have to see if those guys make the 53 man roster to start the season as well. But there’s no reason the running game can’t continue it’s success and put up the same numbers. The New England Patriots last season, were the number one in rushing touchdowns which played into the offense nicely. Balancing the offense out, is a great thing to do when you have Tom Brady on the team. 

The New England Patriots have no worries at all. There is even some improvement. If the Patriots are healthy of course, specifically with Gronkowski and some defensive backs. Watch out, this team could battle with rival Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. Being the top two teams in the AFC.  We could see another dynasty moment for Tom Brady. But three is a few things that might hold the Patriots back like the health issues. Otherwise there’s no excuse why the Patriots can’t continue getting into the playoffs and succeed. 

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