New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez sued for shooting someone


So we know that New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez could be a suspect in the murder case of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, who had a relationship with the sister of Hernandez’s girlfriend. That investigation is ongoing, and a recent report from TMZ states that Hernandez was sued for allegedly shooting somebody in the face in a Miami strip club.

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What? Aaron Hernandez? What are you doing, man? Now this might have been some stunt by some dude wanting to try and make some money off of Hernandez with some bogus lawsuit about him getting shot in the face by a star NFL player in a strip club- in Miami, no less. According to TMZ, the lawsuit was filed in a Florida federal court on the 13th of June, which is just six days ago and not even a week before the North Attleboro murder investigation.

Although Hernandez’s case was dismissed and things will be settled, this definitely isn’t a good luck for Hernandez in lieu of the murder investigation going on right now that involves a warrant for a rental car that Hernandez rented under his own name in his own town. Yeah, yikes is right. There is a report that there might even be evidence linking Lloyd (the victim) with Hernandez, and this breaking TMZ report just adds another layer to potential big-time character issues for Hernandez that, well, never seemed to be there to us.

As for the details of this alleged Miami shooting involving Aaron Hernandez, Alexander S. Bradley and Hernandez went to this strip club on the 13th of February and both had an argument in the club but drove back in the same car. But in the car, Hernandez aimed his gun at Bradley’s face and shot him (it may have been accidental), and Bradley is claiming a lot of things. He says he lost his right eye, needed multiple arm surgeries, suffered major injuries, facial reconstruction surgery, and the fact that Hernandez wasn’t authorized to carry the gun.

Believe these allegations if you will, but this is all starting to paint a very grim picture of Aaron Hernandez.

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