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Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend’s sister dated victim, quick thoughts


Things are going from bad to worse for New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, as CBS Boston’s Peter Wilson reports that the victim’s family stated that Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend’s sister was dating the victim Odin Lloyd. Uh…what has Hernandez gotten himself into here?

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At the beginning, the whole Aaron Hernandez story almost seemed like a “wrong place, wrong time” kind of joke thing, you know. I mean, yeah there was a murder, but what is the likelihood of a football player murdering someone? You know, an active football player who happens to play for the New England Patriots and who happens to be one of the best tight ends and most recognizable players in the NFL. You know, a guy who happens to have received a huge contract extension the previous year and who happens to be focused on getting healthy after offseason surgery. A guy who happens to be working on improving his health in the future and shed his injury-prone tag. A guy who happens to be poised for a breakout year. A guy who happens to be in a position to have that all taken away and his entire life ruined by one stupid mistake if he indeed killed a semi-pro football player.

Aaron Hernandez looks to be in a terrible spot right now, and I have a hard time believing that he is not regarded as a suspect at this point in time. I still very much doubt that he was actually so stupid as to murder someone, but it’s looking like a real possibility now. After all, the rental car is registered in his name, the body was within a mile of his house, and, more importantly, who the heck takes out  rental car in his own town? Somebody who was probably up to no good or enabled screwed up friends or family. That could make him an accomplice to this murder.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, and I probably did in the third paragraph, but that’s largely because I am afraid. This is such a unique even, and I am sure the New England Patriots organization was caught even more offguard by the events than us fans. Aaron Hernandez most likely had nothing to do with what happened, but the news of this relationship between the victim and Hernandez’s girlfriend’s sister is enough to make this scary news for Patriots fans. But if Hernandez did indeed kill Lloyd, then I hope he is brought to justice as hard as if it were somebody else. And if he did do this, then I will despite him as much as I have ever despised a professional athlete in history.

But Aaron Hernandez, like everyone in the American legal justice system is innocent until proven guilty, and I view him as perfectly innocent right now. Let’s hope that stands, especially for his sake. As for the victim, may he rest in peace, and, most importantly, may our thoughts and prayers be with his friends and family. And one more thing, may we get to the bottom of this.

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