New England Patriots: Leon Washington’s Impact


This off-season the New England Patriots signed Leon Washington to a one-year 1.2 million dollar contract. With a 360,000 signing bonus, 840,000 base salary (not guaranteed) – cap charge 1.2 million

New England Patriots fan’s might have a bad taste for this thirty year old out of Florida State. He’s been a threat in the past to the Patriots. Washington played four seasons with the Jets, after being drafted by the organization in 2006 (4th round 117th overall). The Seattle Seahawks acquired Washington in the off-season of 2010 to only play three seasons with the Seahawks. Washington’s success in the kick return game has him tied for an NFL record eight kick returns for a touchdown. Washington is currently tied with active player Josh Cribbs. Cribbs signed a one year contract this off-season with the Oakland Raiders.

To me, Leon Washington definetly deserves the money just being a return specialist. Washington has been to two Pro Bowls, one of the perks to being an elite returner. Some may not know that Leon Washington led the NFL in all-purpose yards in 2008. He definitely has a chance to be a solid running back still in the NFL, but teams have not given him that chance. Washington’s receiving game is very good and has had multiple one hundred yard receiving games in his career.

The Patriots are stacked at running back this year. There is little to no chance Washington will get any snaps at half back this upcoming season unless New England are swarmed with injuries like the team saw in 2012. But Washington has an exceptional chance at being the number one returner for years to come in New England. I think the Patriots will look to sign Washington after this upcoming season, or work out a multiple year contract. I can’t remember the last time the Patriots had a great returner. It would be interesting to see what Washington does in New England. Tom Brady would certainly like it because with the explosive offense the Pats have, they’d start at the thirty yard line instead of the twenty. Little things like that would make the Patriots offense that much more dangerous, having a guy that can create field position.

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