Not just yet, in my ..."/>

Not just yet, in my ..."/>

New England Patriots: Defense Rebuilding Done?


Not just yet, in my opinion there’s still some small adjustments to be done. Questions were surrounding Vince Wilfork this up-coming season saying that if he had anything left. Big Vince quickly said that he still has a passion for the game and will work hard day by day. I never understood why the Patriots got rid of defensive tackle Brandon Deaderick. Defensive tackle Kyle Love was surprisingly diagnosed  with type 2 diabetes, so you’d think the Patriots would keep Brandon Deaderick but that’s not the case. The Jacksonville Jaguars claimed both Deaderick and Love after the Pats released them. So the Pats went out and got Tommy Kelly and Armold Armstead. CFL (Canadian Football League) star Armstead is a well-rounded player, but I don’t think he is the answer. In my opinion he’s just a soon to be decent back-up to Kelly or Wilfork. I’d expect the Pats to go out after next season in the draft to get a top prospect defensive tackle.

The safety position is always a problem year-to-year for the Patriots. They can’t seem to get a franchise caliber safety anymore. Devin McCorty is the answer. McCorty had out of this world numbers last season, and is a sure favorite for the pro-bowl this upcoming season. The spot next to him, strong safety has recently been a buzz. Adrian Wilson signed a four-year deal with the Patriots so there’s some hope there. Adrian Wilson will be mentoring the back-up Tavon Wilson. Both Wilson’s have franchise talent. More on the side of Tavon because he is younger and still a great player but needs some veteran help and baby sitting. Tavon showed improvement last season but definitely a work in progress. I was especially hyped to see that the Patriots signed Adrian Wilson because he’s such a great fit for the defensive scheme. Hard hitting, run stopper, ball hawk and the intelligence to learn the Patriots defense fast.  Replacing Patrick Chung who is very similar to Adrian Wilson – Chung was soon picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles after becoming a free agent.

Corner back is no longer a big problem anymore because of the roster movements and signings. Specifically the return of Ras-I Dowling and Aquib Talib. Dowling was caught up with injuries last season, and could be essential to the defense providing depth to it. Aquib Talib showed his skills as a Patriot, intercepting a pass for a touchdown in his first game. Kyle Arrington, is another guy like Dowling. They both can cover well when needed. Arrington is arguably the best slot cover corner in the league. Dowling is working well at the OT A’s so he and Arrington are soon to be locks for the 53 man roster.

For now the New England Patriots top 5 run defense will have some help this season. How could they not with all the Patriots have done in the draft also in the off-season transaction’s. We’ll have to find out exactly what kind of defense the Pats are next season. Leading the league in turnover differential is a great stat. But the future looks very bright for this New England defensive unit. A Super Bowl caliber one might be in store shortly – a few improvements that’s all about it.

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