Tom Brady talks about Danny Amendola


Tom Brady lost Wes Welker, and he now has a new slot receiver to work with after the New England Patriots secured Danny Amendola in the offseason. I’m sure the last thing you guys want to hear about is Welker and the comparisons between Welker and Amendola, as well as how Welker left and how Amendola signed. What you guys are probably interested in is how Amendola will fit into this offense and everything else dealing with the future of the Patriots passing attack. Amendola and Tom Brady already seem to be off to a great start in terms of developing a rapport, and the connection looked strong during OTAs. Amendola and OTA-surprise star Michael Jenkins looked sharp as the two receivers catching passes from Brady, and Amendola looks poised for a breakout year in the Patriots offense as the slot guy (and the “Z” in most two-base sets, in my opinion) with Brady under center.

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Making an appearance on Dennis Callahan today, Tom Brady spoke about a variety of topics, with the most interesting ones being about the wide receivers and Danny Amendola. I’m not going to sit here and pull quotes about the questions of Welker vs. Amendola, but I will instead discuss and add this quote about Amendola in general.

Brady said, “Well Danny has always had a lot of talent, so to watch him out there and to play against him when he was at the Rams, he was very productive. It’s fun to work with him, he’s got the tenacity to him and the drive and the determination and work ethic. In a short period of time, it’s really easy to see. Like I said, he’s one of those guys that the more we throw, the better we’re going to be. We’re trying to always kind of talk through practice, through the OTAs, we threw in spring a lot and hopefully as the summer continues leading up to training camp we’ll get as many reps as we can together so we’re on the same page.”

Amendola may have suffered some big injuries with the St. Louis Rams, but there is no way you can question his toughness. I love Brady’s comments about Amendola’s work ethic and “tenacity”, because he certainly has those qualities and those are qualities that are valued across the league, not just by the New England Patriots. More importantly- and the reason why these qualities are valued- work ethic, determination, and tenacity help build good football players into great players. Amendola is in that setting and has the opportunity to put his stamp on this organization. Right now, it’s very encouraging to hear that Brady and Amendola seem to be hitting things off quickly and getting on the same page early on. That Welker-Brady connection was almost innate, and it will be interesting to see if Brady and Amendola can get somewhere that approaches that connection.

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