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Tom Brady on Rob Gronkowski Injury


New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski had a successful surgery on Monday at Massachusetts General Hospital, and his recovery time from his fourth arm surgery is set for ten weeks. Gronk has been dealing with chronic back pain for a while now, so it sounds like he will also be headed for some back surgery. But the news of a successful surgery (this comes from several reports, common sense, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft) is the first truly good news we’ve heard on Gronkowski this offseason, and it’s great to hear that the new plate is back in, his left forearm is strengthened, and a fifth surgery and possible time missed to start the season were avoided due to the eradication of the stubborn infection.

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made an appearance on Dennis and Callahan today, and he delivered several noteworthy quotes that I will try and dive into in a couple of posts today. He once again touched on Gronkowski this offseason, and it was interesting to hear Brady’s thoughts on all that has been doing on with the beastly TE.

“I think with any injured player, you’re always hoping they come back fresh and strong and healthy. He’s dealing with his situation and I hope that he’s out there as soon as he can be, as soon as he’s ready I want him out there helping the team win. He’s been battling through a long time, his mental toughness and his excitement and what he brings to the team are really unmatched. When he is healthy, I’ll be excited to have him out there. It’ll be nice to see what our offense can be when Aaron [Hernandez] is out there, Rob is out there and all the other guys that have been injured have [can be] out there and can contribute fully to the team.”

With Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski healthy, the Patriots passing offense will once again be downright scary, especially if Aaron Dobson can fill in his role as the Patriots true “X” receiver. The health of the star TEs is something we’re all anxiously hoping for, and it’s interesting to hear that Brady said that Gronkowski has been battling injuries for a while. I actually want Gronkowski to undergo back surgery, because I know he’s been dealing with severe back pain for a while now.

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