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Patriots WR Donald Jones on Tom Brady


Offseason signing Donald Jones has a chance to break out with the New England Patriots, and catching passes from Tom Brady is a big reason why some receivers experience incredible success in the Patriots offense (look at Wes Welker as a recent example that fans like to bring up, as he went from being a solid player with the Miami Dolphins to being a star with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots). Former Buffalo Bills teammate Stevie Johnson spoke highly of Jones and believes that Jones could break out in the Pats offense, primarily because of the star QB.

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It sounds like Jones has bought into his new AFC East team, and that’s the first step in being a solid player for the New England Patriots. Jones is quickly becoming well-liked by the fans, and the recent comments he has made to the media have certainly helped his cause. The way he has spoken about the Patriots policies and the Vince Wilfork hit from last season have showcased Jones’s poise, but the real test will be how Jones meshes as a wide receiver and plays on the field. And yes, I’m excited to see what he can bring to the table for the Patriots passing attack.

When asked about Tom Brady, Jones said (via the Boston Herald), “I really grew up watching him. So, to be here and playing alongside him now is — I don’t want to say a dream come true because that kind of sounds star-struck, but it really is. When you’re a young receiver, you want a great quarterback in order to play along with. He can make you that much better. So I’m excited about it and working hard every day to try to make sure he trusts me out on the field.”

Not only is Jones right on in his assessment, but he also has the perfect mentality going forward as a wide receiver on the Patriots. We’ll see just how much he benefits from going from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Tom Brady, and we’ll know more about how he fits once we get into the events of August.

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