Patriots WR Danny Amendola in new Foot Locker Ad


I usually don’t post articles about off-the-field stuff about the New England Patriots, but that’s not because I am a hardcore old schooler a la Bill Belichick, who doesn’t like a good non-NFL story relating the team. It’s just that during free agency, the draft, and the grind of the regular season, there isn’t as much time to to focus on the funny, offbeat stuff that happens with our Patriots players or our team in general. To help us get through the doldrums of this portion of the offseason after the draft, it’s time to take a look at stuff like pictures, commercials, or more offbeat news. In fact, I think I want the site to also become a place where we can share a few laughs and talk about this sort of stuff.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have a new slot receiver, and his name is Danny Amendola. The focal point of the St. Louis Rams passing offense, Amendola is the only guy who can come very close to replicating Wes Welker in the slot, and he is a great player in his own right. Like Welker, he’s also an easy player for fans to love, as he has shown us with his Boston Marathon pledge and in a new ad for Foot Locker. And yes, Amendola’s popularity in this league seems to be soaring, and he is headed for a great 2013 if he can stay healthy and avoid freak injuries (I don’t view him as injury prone, but injuries are frequent in the slot).

I will embed the YouTube video below so you can watch, and this Foot Locker ad is advertising the new, colorful “ASICS” sneaker. Good commercial, I’m starting to love Amendola even more (and I am a notorious Welker fan, according to a few of my Twitter followers).

What did you guys think of Amendola’s Foot Locker commercial? Sound off in the comments. To be honest with you, I just like seeing a Patriots player in a commercial. This one was a solid one, but it wasn’t a great commercial- just great to see Amendola.

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