Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski to have fourth surgery, latest update


The Boston Herald isn’t the only outlet reporting crucial news on the impending fourth surgery for New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski, but the Herald is the outlet that is consistently reporting that Gronkowski will need a fourth surgery. Today, the latest report from the Boston Herald comes from Karen Guregian, who is told by a source that Gronkowski will need a fourth operation.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

From the Herald, “According to a source familiar with the case, Gronkowski is going to need a fourth operation to change the plate that’s securing the broken bone in the forearm.”

The source also tells Guregian that although other reports state that the fourth surgery on Gronkowski’s left forearm can be avoided, Gronk will need a new plate no matter what and will thus have to have this fourth operation. That makes sense, because other reports have indicated that the plate will have to be removed.

At this point in time, the question is really whether or not Gronkowski’s arm is still infected. If the stubborn infection is still present, then the Patriots will need to delay the surgery on their star tight end, and that is what would put Gronkowski in jeopardy to start right off the bat in the 2013 season. Now if Gronk’s infection is gone, the surgery won’t be the issue and won’t cost Gronkowski any time. From my perspective, it looks like it is all about the infection and not the actual surgery- he still needs the new plate, and this is something we’ve read from other reports.

Not only that, but the Boston Herald tells us that it is a step further than that, and the real issue is whether or not Gronkowski will need a fifth surgery. Wait, a fifth? Oh dear. But the Herald also reports that the Patriots doctors are still waiting during the recovery window to see if the infection has subsided, and my personal belief is that fifth surgery is extremely unlikely. This report is pessimistic on the surface, but it’s more like a helpful clarification on Rob Gronkowski’s status.

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