New England Patriots T.J. Moe full of praise


It’s easy to love New England Patriots UDFA signing T.J. Moe, as he was a fan-favorite with the Missouri Tigers in college and was a steal of a deal for the Pats as a UDFA. A steady slot receiver with excellent short-area quickness, Moe’s lack of long-speed was the only thing that costed him from being drafted. He really should have been, but I’m not complaining seeing how Moe is with the Patriots. He is a class act, and Moe showed it by immediately heaping praise on the New England Patriots organization during his press conference today to kick-off rookie minicamps. The Patriots pursued Moe in the pre-draft process, and he seems like a perfect fit in Foxboro both in terms of character and talent.

Jeff Blake


Moe’s skill-set has him compared to former Patriots elite slot receiver (elite in the slot, is what I mean there) Wes Welker, and Moe was quick to address those comparisons. He said (via ESPN Boston), “That’s an honor to be compared to a great player. I’m not there yet, I’m worried about trying to make the Patriots roster and trying to do everything they ask me to do … I’ll leave the comparisons up to you guys.”

Already, T.J. Moe delivered the perfect “Patriots-type” answer to a question when a Patriots player is compared to one of the best players at the position. It is safe to say that Moe is looking at things correctly- he is taking things one step at a time.

On the Patriots organization, “It’s such a great organization. They’ve been the cream of the crop for the last 12-13 years. I think they’ve been to five Super Bowls — is that right? — since 2001, and went to another one in ’96. Top of the line, great coaches, great people and really a great opportunity for me.”

Moe is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team, and I hope he impresses enough to steal a roster spot from veteran Mike Jenkins. If he ends up on the practice squad, I’m scared that another team will poach him away. He may have only been a UDFA and I might be letting my emotions cloud my better judgement, but Moe has the talent. We’ll see where he ends up, but I am inclined to think that he will end up sticking on the Patriots practice squad until being promoted next year. He was arguably the Patriots best UDFA signing (Cory Grissom was another), so there is room for Moe.

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