NFL Draft: The New England Patriots Overplayed Their Hand


You’re darned if you do, you’re darned if you don’t. The New England Patriots have notoriously been draft day wheelers and dealers for many years. They trade their picks the way a experience gambler will work a card table. This year though the New England Patriots have over played their hand.

Last night the Patriots traded out of pick 29. They sent 29 to the Minnesota Vikings for 4 selections. The picks the Patriots got back were numbers 52, 83, 102, and 229. While the move was lauded by many Patriots fans, and some including myself expected it, the Patriots didn’t make a prudent move. Now the chips haven’t fallen where they will yet. At first glance dropping 23 picks has the Patriots not selecting until 51 other players are off the board. A trade down was worth it the way that the board was shaking out but dropping that far hurts. The Patriots big needs are at wide receiver, interior defensive line, cover linebacker and depth.

I don’t have an issue with trading out of the first round. I want to see what they do with the added ammunition. The problem I have is they have a glaring need at receiver. They could of done as the Vikings did and selected Patterson. Instead they have dropped back to a spot where other good receivers like, Hunter, Woods and Patton may be gone. Now there is a good chance they still will get a good player at 52. However as much as picking up extra picks is great you are setting yourself up for let down if you miss now on both the second round picks.

The Patriots need an impact offensive and defensive player in this draft. Do they get that at 52? If Patterson explodes onto the scene the Patriots will have egg on their face. 8 picks are great, 3 out of the 8 are in the 7th. All of the picks are at the end of rounds. The Roster is not in need of 5 players its in need of 2 or 3 players. They can not go into the season without a play maker outside the numbers at receiver. They need it. They need someone to team with Wilfork inside. They need an outside pass rush. If they stayed pat they could have had one of the receivers I mentioned.

I expect plenty of trades by the Pats tonight. This piece might have little relevance should they get their playmakers to help out their soon to be 36 year old signal caller.
Time will tell. While I would of been happy trading back into the mid 30’s or early 40’s and picking up another 3rd or 4th. I hate moving all the way back to 52. I’ll just have to put my faith in Bill. In Bill we trust.

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