New England Patriots: Same Old Same Old


Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the NFL shield logo before the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

When the Patriots finally went on the clock tonight with the 29th pick in the NFL draft, you kind of expected the Pats to trade out of it. As Pats fans, we have grown accustomed to them trading out and disappointing a lot of fans. They did this once again tonight by trading their first round pick for four different draft picks from the Vikings. The Pats received a second, third, fourth and a seventh round pick in this trade.

I personally loved this trade. I am sure most Pats fans out there are disappointed because they didn’t get something “right now”. But considering the talent in this years draft, I think the Pats made the right move. Looking at all of the prospects left in this draft I think if the Pats had made a selection in the first round at where they were, then they would probably end up reaching for somebody. For instance, if they had taken Cordarrelle Patterson at 29 like Minnesota did, I would be very disappointed  I see Patterson as a very risky first round choice, and if the Pats had selected him and he becomes a bust (like a lot of receivers) then everybody says that is a horrible pick. I see the Patriots biggest needs right now as wide receiver and cornerback, and there are plenty of good corners and receivers after the first round.

By getting four draft picks in exchange for one, the Pats also now have the ability to move up in the second round if they want. This is huge, and vintage Belichick I might add. He is an absolute genius and I think he has proved it once again. Of the remaining receivers in the draft I think Justin Hunter or Robert Woods would be the best fit for the Patriots. However, they may not be around when the Patriots would be picking in the second round. But because they now have a lot more picks, they can easily move up in the second round in order to get one of these players. The same goes with a lot of quality defensive backs, the Pats now have the ammo to move up and get some solid prospects.

The bottom line is that the Patriots made a very smart move by trading out of the first round. They got very good value in return from the Vikings, and they are set up to have a very solid rest of the draft.  The middle rounds are loaded with talent this year, and with these four extra picks the Pats received, I think they will be able to exploit the rest of the draft very effectively.