2013 NFL Draft: New York Jets Select Geno Smith


The New York Jets did it. The Jets selected West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. He is a Jet now and the question is for how long? Are the Jets addressing their needs or are they lining up for more controversies to come? Is there enough space for a quarterback in the roster? Does it make any sense?

Some of the Jets fan did not look very happy with Rex Ryan and Jets GM John Idzik as in my opinion, I would not be so happy either when they missed out on Tavon Austin and top pass rushers in addition to having to fill in a big void with the departure of one of the best defensive players in the league Darrelle Revis.

Feb 24, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith (13) participates in a passing drill during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Although Geno Smith is now a Jet, I think that the saga for a quarterback in the Jets organization continues as they still have Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the roster, which seems like they lack sense of direction or utilization for Tebow. The whole point in the Jets roster is that they are in dear need of equipping weapons for Sanchez, such as a guard, tight end, wide receiver, a good offensive linemen, and of course, revamping the defense.

About 85% of Geno Smith passes are short passes and he demonstrates to have trouble throwing down the field. I like Smith’s confidence and he seems to be a smart quarterback, but I don’t think that it will work well in the Jets system. Although he needs to work on his footwork coming from under center and blitz awareness can be improved, he has a competitive nature.

We will find out when the season begins who will be the starting quarterback – Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith or Tim Tebow. It better not be Smith throwing to Darrelle Revis on the Jets opening game of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Geno Smith better be ready because the New York crowd won’t tolerate another quarterback soap opera.

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