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Miami Dolphins want 4th or 5th from Cleveland Browns for Davone Bess


The Miami Dolphins have been shopping Davone Bess ever since he became the odd-man-out in Miami after the signings of Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, the re-signing of Brian Hartline, and even the one-year deal given to new starting tight end Dustin Keller. It was initially thought that the Dolphins would have to release Bess, but he isn’t leaving Miami for free. The Cleveland Browns have since shown major interest in Bess, and it is an almost certainty at this point that Bess ends up in Cleveland.

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Davone Bess is in the final year of his contract and is set to make $2.6 million, but the one-year rental would help out the Browns. Their situation at quarterback is less than certain right now, although a trade to acquire Ryan Mallett could certainly change things.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald gives us the scoop that the Miami Dolphins are looking for a fourth or fifth rounder from the Cleveland Browns, but Jackson also indicates that they most likely will have to settle for less. That “less” is going to be a sixth-rounder, and Jackson notes that Anquan Boldin was traded for a mere sixth-rounder- Bess likely won’t be had for more than that.

Last season, the 27-year-old slot receiver was once again a dependable target with 61 receptions for 778 yards and easily the highest average of yards per reception in his career. Davone Bess is a quality receiver who would be a nice addition to the Cleveland Browns wide receivers corps. However, the Browns also added another former AFC East slot guy in David Nelson of the Buffalo Bills, and it seems to me like the Browns could just nab Bess for free once the Dolphins release him. But maybe there is more interest for Bess than we think, and the Dolphins have other suitors out there. That’s what it sounds like, because this isn’t the first report that has stated the Dolphins are slated to get middle-round picks from the Browns.

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