2013 NFL Draft New England Patriots Trade with Vikings for 4 Draft Picks


The 2013 NFL Draft is on and the New England Patriots has once again surprised us. After months of stipulation and mock drafts, the moment of truth has arrived and the “secret” is out. There is no 29th pick for the New England Patriots as the Patriots opted to trade with the Minnesota Vikings for the second-round pick 20 (52nd), third-round pick 21 (83rd), fourth-round pick 5 (102nd) and 7th round-pick 23 (229th) moving from five draft picks to eight draft picks. While a new Patriot player didn’t walk on the stage, former Patriot Joe Andruzzi represented us and the city of Boston very well.

Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New England Patriots former player Joe Andruzzi (left) and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell make a Boston Strong presentation during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt nobody can predict what Bill Belichick will do. Belichick just shocked the world and Pats nation – first-round pick in exchange of four draft picks. I love how Belichick minds operate and that is a brilliant move as the team needs to address primarily the wide receiver position and defense end. The way the draft first round was developing, there was not much depth that was favorable for the Patriots and Belichick chose to strike once again. It’s a brilliant move which allows much more flexibility as we know that Belichick ended up drafting players that are versatile making a one pick stretch along the way.

Even with the Vikings selecting the extraordinary wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, in my opinion, it does not justify giving up four draft picks. But coming from a Viking perspective, they needed to fill in the void of Percy Harvin. Now that’s a certainty that Patterson would not go to round-two and the Vikings had to act at the 29th.

As the league becomes more and more challenging, I’m still in shock that anyone would make such a deal. That’s like a steal and Belichick will capitalize on the Vikings desperate need to get the 29th pick.

Boston Strong!

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