New England Patriots Rundown: Tom Brady, Julian Edelman


The New England Patriots Rundown piece is back today, as we will continue to run down the latest news with quick thoughts on the 2013 NFL Draft, Patriots players, the AFC East, and NFL news as a whole. There will also be some stuff that isn’t football-centric, but it will tie into the NFL and Patriots.

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1. Tom Brady took to his Facebook page yesterday to praise law enforcement of the job they have done in quickly apprehending those responsible for the heinous crime. Brady said, “Thank you to all the brave law enforcement agents for keeping our city safe. #BostonStrong.” Law enforcement did an absolutely incredible job, and we have the FBI, the local police, the ATF, others, and the vigilant citizens who sent in numerous pictures and tips to the authorities.

2. Julian Edelman has been even more active, and he actually visited a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings on Thursday. He and actor Bradley Cooper visited victim Jeffrey Bauman Jr., and here’s the tweet from Julian Edelman below.

This is truly heart-warming stuff.

3. The New England Patriots worked out Kansas State Wildcats star linebacker Arthur Brown, who has finally found himself in the first-round discussion in this year’s draft, and I highly doubt he makes it past the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, and the first round as a whole. He probably won’t be there for the New England Patriots at No. 29, so the Pats would have to snap him up there if they really like him. While I think they are inclined to go the “BPA” route in this year’s draft, at some point you have to weigh in the need. The Patriots already have a great trio of starting linebackers, so all they need to do is build depth behind them in players who can cover. NESN’s Luke Hughes writes that Brown’s speed and coverage ability make him a strong possibility for the Patriots, but I think it’s best to pass up on him and wait until like the third-round to draft an LB (unless if someone really good falls into the second). My friend is touting Alec Ogeltree as a pick for the Pats later on in the draft, so I’d like you guys to leave your opinions about Ogeltree in the comments section.

4. The New York Jets could have a solid, underrated duo of running backs in Mike Goodson and Chris Ivory, because the New Orleans Saints have signed Ivory to a tender and will now almost certainly deal him off. The New York Jets didn’t want to sign Ivory to an offer sheet, but they are very interested in nabbing Ivory. Rich Cimini of ESPN New York writes that there are “strong indications” that Ivory will end up in New York.

5. After James Harrison likely dropped his asking price, the Cincinnati Bengals recently went back to the negotiating table after a “hitch” in the deal happened a few days ago. Now, Harrison is a member of a rival AFC North team after signing a two-year deal with the Bengals yesterday. Will he be able to transition to the 4-3 as an OLB after spending his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a 3-4 OLB? And how will the Bengals get the most out of his pass rushing ability? One thing is for certain in my opinion, his hard-nosed run defense will not suffer much.

6. If the Arizona Cardinals really are thinking about taking D.J. Fluker with the 7th pick in the draft, then they need to reassess things. At some point, you have to scrap need, because taking Fluker in the top ten is a huge reach. He’s a solid right tackle, but I feel like this mad rush for tackles at the top end of the draft is a little too much. Then again, this news could be agent-driven (more draft stuff than free agent stuff is agent driven), but tackle is the most valued position in this year’s draft- even more so than pass rusher.

7. Mark Sanchez tells the New York Daily News that he blames the New York Jets organization for the Tim Tebow fiasco. And you know what? Sanchez is right on.

8. There are always people who feel the need to make classless jokes, and one of them caught me eye yesterday. It wasn’t even that it was “too soon” (the Boston bombings only transpired a few days ago), it’s the fact that this joke was never appropriate. I’m not going to screen-cap this tweet, but I will link to it here. This tweet from a Bad Luck Brian account was absolutely disgusting, and it’s even more disgusting that 472 heartless individuals retweeted it and 282 sheep “favorited” this horrendous tweet. I’ve never blocked an account on Twitter before, but this deserved to be that first black mark. Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. It was also completely uneducated, because any long-distance runner will tell you that the Boston Marathon is the penultimate dream. The ultimate dream? Winning it. You guys watched that Saint Ralph movie, right?

Anyway, enough ranting from me. You guys enjoy your Saturday.

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