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New England Patriots thankfully not interested in Terrell Owens


New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady was working out with new slot receiver Danny Amendola at the USC Trojans campus a couple of days ago in order to build up a good rapport with Amendola, who seems to have embraced the Patriot Way early on. Amendola seemed excited to start working with Brady, and that’s probably because every wide receiver is excited to work out with Tommy B. Amendola wasn’t alone, though, because the most publicized thing about that workout was the fact that enigmatic wide receiver Terrell Owens was the No. 2 guy working out with Brady.

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Because of this, many Patriots fans were freaking out, “What?? How can they be interested in this clown? They better not sign him!!” was a common reaction that I just made up. Anyway, I never thought the Patriots were seriously interested in T.O., because they aren’t going to make the same mistake twice. The Chad Ochocinco signing was an absolute disaster, and Owens is even worse. Ochocinco actually toned it down with the Pats, but his issue was learning the playbook. Owens most likely wouldn’t be able to do either, and he doesn’t have the talent to outweigh the baggage at this age.

So yeah, the best thing for the Patriots to do was to pass on Owens, and the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe confirmed that “there is nothing cooking” between the Patriots and T.O., per a source close to the Herald. Thank goodness.

Terrell Owens probably won’t hook up anywhere in the NFL, and the fact that he is a 39-year-old wide receiver who is drop-prone and has major character concerns is a large part of that. If you want a veteran wide receiver who can stretch the field, then do yourself a favor and re-sign Donte’ Stallworth. Heck, Randy Moss is a way better option than Owens at this juncture.

The funniest thing about the USC workout was how stupid Owens was on Twitter. He tweeted that he would be working out at the UCLA Bruins campus, so he definitely got the wrong Los Angeles school there. How do you mix up hated rivals? That’s like visiting the New England Patriots and tweeting, “Hey guys, I’m working out with the New York Jets today!”

Let’s just draft a wide receiver and continue to get a youth influx, and signing Emmanuel Sanders to an offer sheet from the Pittsburgh Steelers would also be a good move for the Patriots.

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