New England Patriots to use Danny Amendola inside and outside?


The New England Patriots now have Danny Amendola as their slot receiver, and it’s time to look towards the future to see what Amendola can bring to the table for this offense. While Wes Welker was the quicker player, Amendola is two inches taller and has better vertical speed. That plays into Greg Bedard’s notion that the Patriots can evolve better on offense with Amendola in the fold, because Amendola’s height and long speed allow him to move around the formation both inside and outside.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and head coach Bill Belichick feel the same way. Bill Belichick, via ESPN Boston, said, “He’s been very productive — on the inside, on the outside. [We] look forward to working with him. Any new player we get, they come into our system and [we] try to teach him the things that we do and let him do them and evaluate him and see how it all comes together.”

To be honest with you, I am excited to see “how it all comes together”, and I too look forward to watching the apparent new dimension that Danny Amendola can provide for the Patriots offense. While Welker was my preference, Amendola’s ability to stretch the field a bit more and line up outside the hash marks gives him an intriguing allure.

McDaniels knows Amendola as well as anyone and what Amendola can bring to the table, and I hope Amendola ends up doing more than Brandon Lloyd did as far as former St. Louis Rams wideouts brought into New England go. It’s easy to pick on Lloyd, but he and Amendola are in much different situations (you know, one of them isn’t old) and Lloyd (74 receptions, 911 yards) didn’t even play poorly. As for Greg Salas, losing him was tough- placing him on the practice squad was a poor gamble.

Let’s see what Amendola can bring to the table, and I would like to hear thoughts from you guys in the comments section on how Amendola will fit into the Pats offense.

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