New England Patriots Brandon Lloyd open to reduced deal


Brandon Lloyd might be seeing the writing on the wall for him as a member of the New England Patriots, because the Pats signed Donald Jones of the Buffalo Bills and are working out Emmanuel Sanders of the Pittsburgh Steelers to be a potential deep threat for this team (that would be a great move). The Patriots are looking to go young at the wide receiver position, and Lloyd doesn’t fit that role. Earlier today, I wondered if Jones would replace Lloyd as the possession receiver outside the numbers, and it sounds like Lloyd feels the same way.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Adam Schefter on Sports Center, Brandon Lloyd is wiling to restructure his deal to remain with the New England Patriots. And by restructure, he means reduce his contract amount, because Lloyd has just one year left on his deal. The Patriots have a big decision to make tomorrow, because that is when Lloyd $3 million roster bonus crops up. The Pats can either take it or leave it, and it must be noted that Lloyd’s base salary next year is affordable.

We’ve heard a lot about how Lloyd has “erratic behavior”, and even members of the Denver Broncos a couple of years ago thought Lloyd was bipolar. His behavior was never any reason for getting rid of him, and we’re seeing that now- the Pats are strongly considering getting rid of Lloyd because they want to take a different approach. We all remember that CSNNE report stating the Pats have no future plans for Lloyd, and it sounds like things could be heading that direction.

But if Lloyd is willing to come back for less money, then there isn’t any harm in keeping the 31-year-old around for another season. It will be the final year of his contract, and Lloyd did produce down the stretch at a solid rate- he finished with over 70 catches for the season overall. Keeping Lloyd isn’t ideal unless if he reduces his salary, and it sounds like the Patriots may have been the ones to approach Lloyd about staying on a reduced salary.

Schefter said, “He’s got a $3 million roster bonus. Brandon Lloyd would like to work out a restructured deal. And the two sides, it is my understanding, have spoken about that. Brandon Lloyd could end up staying on in New England at some type of reduced deal.”

If Lloyd and the Pats are willing to do this, then I don’t see the harm in making a deal to keep him around.

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