Wes Welker Updates: Dolphins interested but will likely stay with Patriots


It was reported by the Miami Herald yesterday that the Miami Dolphins are showing “some interest” in New England Patriots slot receiver Wes Welker, who used to play for the Miami Dolphins for a few seasons early in his career. Mike Wallace to the Dolphins is pretty much a done deal, and the ‘Fins already gave a $30 million contract to Brian Hartline, so it might not be feasible to think that the Dolphins can sign Welker. For what it’s worth (although it might not be much at this juncture), the Dolphins are also reportedly interested in St. Louis Rams wideout Brandon Gibson.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

So what does a potential reunion mean for Welker? A source told the Herald’s Armando Salguerro that he would like to sign both Welker and Wallace, and I bet other members of the Dolphins front office feel the same way (even with the Hartline deal in mind). I just don’t see it happening, though, because Wallace will also be expensive (no doubt about that), and the Dolphins already have an adept slot receiver in Davone Bess. While they are bucking the trend of not spending big bucks on playmakers, a move to give Welker a big deal might not be the wisest from a financial standpoint for the Dolphins.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. According to the source close to Salguerro, Welker would love to “stick it” to the Patriots for not keeping him if they can’t get a “good” contract done. I honestly doubt that happens, and I don’t think the extra money will be worth it for Welker to leave Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for his old team in Miami. Salguerro writes that Welker is just a “blip” on the Dolphins radar, and I doubt we see a reunion.

It is far more likely for Wes Welker to stick around with the Patriots, and Peter King wrote that Welker is “widely believed to be staying in New England.” In all honesty, I feel like there is a 90% chance we see Welker in a Patriots uniform, because the Pats are clearly the best for him and his free agent market will be drier than he wants it to be.

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