Denver Broncos not interested in Darrelle Revis


Although there are teams interested in acquiring Darrelle Revis from the New York Jets, there are less teams interested than many of us expected. Teams like the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers have toned down the talk of them being interested in acquiring Revis, and I never thought trading for Revis was the best plan for the 49ers anyway.

William Perlman/The Star-Ledger via USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, the Denver Broncos feel like acquiring Revis isn’t the best thing for their team, and this is interesting since the Broncos were expected to be one of the main teams involved in a trade for Revis. In fact, Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post made a strong statement against a Revis-Broncos deal by tweeting, “the Broncos have NO intention of acquiring Revis.”

So who does? The only team I have heard linked to trading for Darrelle Revis- outside of the three teams above that likely aren’t interested- is the Philadelphia Eagles. Jeff McLane wrote an excellent article today in the Philadelphia Inquirer about why the Eagles should acquire Revis, and he wrote that there are rumors Howie Roseman is taking a close look at swinging a deal to bring Revis to the Philadelphia Eagles.

A deal to get Revis would make sense for the Eagles, but it actually wouldn’t have made sense for the Broncos. I really think Denver’s cornerback situation is fine, and their focus should turn to the safety position instead. If they can add a legitimate safety, then I think their secondary will be fine.

As for the Jets, they will be able to find a trade partner and get some nice pieces out of a deal for Revis. But Revis’s camp is increasing the pressure on the Jets to get a deal done, thus increasing the chances that the Jets don’t get what they want out of a deal. The Jets could keep Revis, but that probably won’t work out for them if he wants a lucrative deal (which he will) due to the Jets huge cap issues. Count the Broncos as a team that won’t be going after Revis, and the Jets can only hope that other teams are still interested.

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