2013 NFL Mock-Mock Draft: Leon Sandcastle Path to New England Patriots Instead?


It looks like there will be some good news for the New England Patriots should Aqib Talib go elsewhere. In this mock-mock draft, rumors are that the multi-dimensional and sensational cornerback Leon Sandcastle might be eyeing to play for the New England Patriots. Sandcastle demanded Kansas City Chiefs to switch their draft order – 1st pick, round 1, for the New England Patriots 29th pick. And by the looks of it, the Patriots might just draft him.

Sandcastle’s intriguing qualities might go well with the Patriot Way, in part. He knows what he wants, he is focus, he doesn’t compare with nobody else but himself, he knows he is talented – and he makes sure you know it and he knows it even more, and he is a multi-dimensional-flexible player as he can play “DB, RB, QB, TE and even a little R&B” as he said himself. This is every coach’s dream roster!

His ego can get in the way at times (highly cocky) and he might get a little attitude here and there (talks more than his own mouth), but nothing coach Belichick and the Patriots shouldn’t be able to manage.

Here’s a glimpse of Sandcastle’s NFL profile and what we know about him so far.

  • Vitals

Height: 6”1

Arm Length: 36”

Weight: 195 Lbs

Hands: 9 ½”

  • Specialty:

Cornerback, but he affirms he can also play defense back, running back, quarterback, tight end, and a little of R&B

  • Background:

Primetime University (a small school), but no pre-combine footage

  • Combine Stats:

Grade: 100

Title: Future Hall of Famer; top pick; a once-in-a-generation type prospect who could change how his position is played

40 Yard Dash: 4.2 seconds (watch his video here)

Bench Press: 19 reps (and 3 minutes of Leon holding the bar to marvel at Leon)

Vertical Jump: 46 inches (no afro); 51 inches (afro)

Broad Jump: 141 inches (“Leon doesn’t jump. Leon flies”. Leon Sandcastle)

Three-Cone Drill: 6.39 seconds

His strengths are unreal and he will be very good when dealing with the media in regards to his on-field skills, if ever questioned, as he responded about his accomplishments. “I shine bright”, he said. When asked to explained, he said: “Like the sun!”

This is it – broad but at the same time conclusive.

Sandcastle only weakness is unimaginative defensive coordinators and excessive celebration flags. The NFL compares Sandcastle to the retired Deion Sanders. However, more information about his background and age is unclear.

The market for cornerbacks this year is in high demand and Sandcastle is setting a high bar. Whichever team Sandcastle lands on, one will never see the game of football the same again because as he said, “It’s not up to the Chiefs to pick Leon. It’s up to Leon to pick the Chiefs.”

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