Miami Dolphins really want to keep Matt Moore


The Miami Dolphins have one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL on their roster in Matt Moore, and they really want to keep him. According to the Palm Beach Post, Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman called Moore last week five times. Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has also been pressing hard for Moore to stay.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Post writes that it is possible for Moore to stay in Miami, and they note that Moore is friends with current starter Ryan Tannehill. Unless if Moore wants to be a backup or really loves the situation he has with the Dolphins and in Miami, then I just can’t see him staying. Moore showed two seasons ago that he can be a legitimate starter in this league, because he was the Pro Football Focus’s 12th-ranked quarterback.

It wasn’t an anomaly either, because Moore did shows flashes of talent with the Carolina Panthers when he first started as a quarterback in this league. Moore does a good job of challenging defenses deep, and he has the most underrated deep ball in the game today. He is easily one of the best ten quarterbacks in the league on throws over twenty yards, and I think he could start for several teams in need of a quarterback.

Two of those teams are the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns, and I bet the Dolphins would hate to see him sign in the AFC East with the Jets. He would be an upgrade over the starters at both teams, and at the very least would press Mark Sanchez and Brandon Weeden for the starting gigs in New York and Cleveland respectively.

Weather could be a factor, though, as the Palm Beach Post writes that Moore doesn’t want to play in Cleveland due to the cold. The paper also notes that Moore wants to play close to his home in southern California, and the geographical dots connect to the Arizona Cardinals, but Bruce Arians wants to bring Drew Stanton with him from the Indianapolis Colts, per reports. Stanton is a quality backup, but he is far too inaccurate to be a starter in this league. Moore would make a lot of sense for the Cardinals, because his ability to throw it deep fits what Arians values in quarterbacks in his offensive scheme.

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