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2013 NFL Mock Draft First Round Version 2

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17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Name- Jonathon Cooper
Position, School- OG, North Carolina

The Steelers offensive line was vastly improved over last year, but they still could use some depth there. Cooper seems very good in pass protection, although he seems to struggle a little in run blocking. I do not think he would start for the Steelers immediately, I think he would be more like a depth option. Ben Roethlisberger can make offensive lines look awful and great at the same time, but no matter what he needs them to give him time to make a play.

18. Dallas Cowboys
Player Name- D.J. Fluker
Position, School- OT, Alabama

Picking Fluker at 18 is a pretty big reach for the Cowboys, but this is a huge need for Dallas, and Fluker really is a solid prospect. Fluker is an extremely good run blocker, one of the best in the draft. However Fluker struggled against fast pass rushers in college, and he probably will struggle in the NFL until developed. I really think that his great run blocking prowess will attract the Cowboys, DeMarco Murray is a very talented back for Dallas and adding Fluker will only further help their running game.

19. New York Giants
Player Name- Manti Te’o
Position, School- ILB, Notre Dame

Without all of the controversy concerning Te’o he may have been a top 10 pick, however with the hoax that came out in January his stock has slipped. I do however feel that Te’o would be a good pick for the Giants. They really could use a “leader” of that defense, and Te’o also has good cover skills for a middle linebacker. He did show some flaws in stopping the run in the ‘National Championship’ but I think with his work ethic he can improve in that area. Teo’s leadership ability is really what I think will draw the Giants to him, he really is a great leader and at a young age I think he could help bring their locker room closer.

20. Chicago Bears
Player Name- Alex Okafor
Position, School- DE, Texas

The Bears are getting very old on the defensive side of the ball, and while they still had a very good year in 2012, injecting some youth would not be a bad idea. I watched a ton of Okafor last year and I personally believe that at times he played like the best defensive end in the NCAA. He shows great burst off the ball, and some good moves to get to the quarterback. He also can play against the run very solidly, and if not for an injury late in the season I feel he would go maybe in the top 10. The Bears have a lot of pass rushers on their roster,  but adding one more can never hurt.

21. Cincinnati Bengals
Player Name- Cordarrelle Patterson
Position, School- WR, Tennessee

The Bengals have one of the best WR’s in the NFL with A.J. Green. However he gets double coverage a ton throughout every game, and having a solid receiver on the other side I think would really help the Bengals offense. Patterson is a big guy that can be a good down-field threat, he has good hands and also is a quick guy and can make some plays after the catch. Combined with Green, I think this passing offense improves a great deal especially vertically.

22. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Player Name- Jesse Williams
Position, School- DT, Alabama

I see the Rams really trying to improve their defense in this draft. Jesse Williams seems to be sort of like a younger Vince Wilfork. He is a big guy with great run stuffing abilities, however is not much of a threat in terms of pass rush. He probably is at the best a two down player for the moment. Like I said earlier the Rams play in a very physical division, and beefing up their defense really helps them in terms of making a push for the division title in 2013.

23. Minnesota Vikings
Player Name- Tavon Austin
Position, School- WR, West Virgina

The Vikings got to the playoffs pretty much solely on Adrian Petersons back. He was their only play-maker on offense and he produced outrages numbers for them. By getting Percy Harvin back from injury, and selecting Tavon Austin I think the Vikings will have an even better shot at making the playoffs in 2013. Austin is a great play-maker, and in space there is nobody better in this years draft. He is a small guy, but he can still stretch the field with his speed. Austin is nearly impossible to guard one on one in the slot and that should open up opportunities for Harvin to make more plays. The Vikings offense will be much improved if they acquire Austin, and I think they would have a great chance of making it back to the playoffs.

24. Indianapolis Colts
Player Name- Oday Aboushi
Position, School- OT, Virginia

After watching Aboushi play a little bit, I really think he has the potential to be a solid tackle in the NFL. He is great in pass protection, although he really will need to improve his run blocking. I think this works out for the Colts however, because for right now, they just want to throw the ball down-field  They really do not run the ball too often so I think Aboushi fits in pretty well. Andrew Luck is the best young quarterback in the NFL in my opinion and if he wants to have a good, long career he will need to have a good offensive line in front of him.

25. Seattle Seahawks
Player Name- Sylvester Williams
Position, School- DT, North Carolina

I know that the Seahawks really do not need a defensive tackle, but I think Williams would be too good to pass up at 25. Williams is a big guy that can penetrate the pocket and get some pressure on the quarterback. He can also clog up running lanes to allow linebackers to make some stops, and he can makes some plays in the backfield himself. The Seahawks have a great secondary and a great edge pass rush. If they added someone like Williams with the potential of bringing a rush up the middle, I think the Seattle defense would be one of, if not the best in the NFL.

26. Green Bay Packers 
Player Name- Eddie Lacy
Position, School- RB, Alabama

The Packers have not had a solid running game in a long time, one of the reasons Aaron Rodgers is sacked so much is because they have not running threat. Eddie Lacy is a back that has explosive talent, he has pretty good speed and has great cut-making ability. If the Packers were able to get a solid running game to compliment Aaron Rodgers and their unstoppable vertical passing game, I think they would rival the Patriots for the best offense in the NFL.

27. Houston Texans
Player Name- Dion Jordan
Position, School- DE, Oregon

The Texans have more pressing needs than a pass rusher but I think Jordan would be too good to pass up at 27. The Texans do play a 3-4 defense, so Jordan would have to adjust but with his ability to rush the passer, I do not think it matters. Jordan has great speed off of the edge, and could bring another pass rushing presence on 3rd downs for the Texans. They have an elite front seven on defense and if they added Jordan, I feel they could possibly catch up to the 49ers with their front seven.

28. Denver Broncos
Player Name- Blidi Wreh-Wilson
Position, School- CB, UConn

As Joe Flacco proved in the ‘AFC Divisional Round’ the Broncos secondary has its share of holes in it. Champ Bailey is still a great cornerback, but he is getting up there in age and I think Denver should try and get some young players back there so when Bailey is gone, the blow can be taken easier. Blidi Wreh-Wilson had a major knee injury in 2010, but he has come back nicely. Wilson does not have great speed, and he is not perfect in man coverage, but he has great ball skills and can make plays that others in the Broncos secondary cannot. He will need a lot of time to develop into a good cornerback, but I think he is worth the investment.

29. New England Patriots
Player Name- Xavier Rhodes
Position, School- CB, Florida State

The Pats weakness in the past few years has been the secondary. While they have put in some parts that helped a little in 2012, they still need a lot of help back there. Xavier Rhodes is a physical corner that plays a lot of press coverage and makes a lot of plays. Rhodes has very good ball skills and he seems to be exactly what the Patriots could use. If Aqib Talib is not resigned for the Pats, I think Rhodes could be a very solid replacement for him. If Talib is resigned then Rhodes could really make the Patriots secondary a strength for them.

30. Atlanta Falcons
Player Name- John Jenkins
Position, School- DT, Georgia

Jenkins is a very big guy, and he was one of the best in college football in 2012 in terms of clogging up running lanes. He would really improve the Falcons run defense in 2013, as he allows the linebackers behind him to make a lot of plays. In the NFC Championship game against the 49ers, one of the reasons they lost was because they had to dedicate extra guys up front to help stop the run, and in turn they got beat vertically. Jenkins would sometimes allow them to keep some of there linebackers in coverage, and they would not be so vulnerable against the pass, or the run.

31. San Francisco 49ers
Player Name- DeAndre Hopkins
Position, School- WR, Clemson

The Niners headed into the 2012 season stacked at receiver, but injuires really thinned the position heading into the Super Bowl. With Randy Moss most likely gone next year, I think drafting Hopkins to develop as a deep threat to go along with Crabtree and Manningham would make the 49er offense even harder to guard. Hopkins has very good speed and hands, and while he is a bit raw, I think they can develop him into a good WR. With Crabtree and Manningham as the starters for next year, I don’t think Hopkins would see much playing time. If Hopkins is willing to sit back and perfect his game I think he could be a good receiver in the NFL.

32. Baltimore Ravens
Player Name- Kevin Minter
Position, School- ILB, LSU

With Ray Lewis retiring, the Ravens will need to fill a hole they haven’t had to fill in 17 years. I think they have him on the roster in Dannell Ellerbe, however someone will need to fill Ellerbe’s spot on defense, and I think Minter could possible fill that role. Minter is a good run defender, and he is a solid tackler, he is a little slow in pass coverage however. His lack of speed could possibly hurt him in the NFL because he has may have guard very fast tight ends and running backs. However I think that he will come off the field in passing situations for now, and he wont be exposed too much in the passing game. Minter is a solid player, and I think fits the kind of role the Ravens may need.