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2013 NFL Mock Draft First Round Version 2

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1. Kansas City Chiefs

Player Name- Geno Smith
Position, School- QB, West Virginia

The Chiefs played a pretty awful 2012 season, and the struggles can be traced back to the quarterback. Matt Cassell just is not a good quarterback, and I doubt he will start anytime soon in the NFL. Geno Smith would be perfect for the Chiefs. Smith may not be a “true” number one pick, but for the Chiefs needs he is the guy. He instantly will have some weapons he can go to, and Smith has all the tools to be solid quarterback in this game. He can through the deep ball, has good arm strength and has shown he can be very mobile if needed. For a team that is looking for a fresh start, Geno Smith is a great start.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name- Damontre Moore
Position, School- DE, Texas A&M

The Jaguars once again had a very bad season, as they finished the year with a 2-14 record. Bad teams like this have no “one need” but one major one for the Jaguars is a pass rusher. Their defense really suffered because of their lack of pass rush, even after their acquisition of Jason Babin. That is why I think Damontre Moore out of Texas A&M is who they should go with at the number two position in the draft. Moore is a fast guy that showed he can get to the quarterback during the 2012 season. He is also solid against the run although his frame allows for improvement there. Adding a pass rush helps any defense and the Jaguars would greatly benefit from drafting Damontre Moore.

3. Oakland Raiders
Player Name-Star Lotulelei
Position, School- DT, Utah

The Oakland Raiders finished the year 18th in total defense, and 28th in points allowed. They need to focus on defense in this years draft and there would be no better start than to draft Star Lotulelei out of Utah. Richard Seymour may not be back for the Raiders and Lotulelei would help fill his absence. Lotulelei is very talented, as he can penetrate the backfield to help slow down the running game and at the same time he has some developing skills in his pass rush. Instantly, I fell the Raiders would be getting an upgrade on the defensive line. Lotulelei is raw, but with some development he could be one of the great defensive lineman in the NFL.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Player Name- Luke Joeckel
Position, School- OT, Texas A&M

The Eagles offensive line in the 2012 season was absolutely awful. They allowed their quarterback Michael Vick get pummeled throughout the season and ultimately led to him sitting on the bench. Whether or not Vick is back next year, the Eagles need some help on the offensive line, and Luke Joeckel would really help them out. There is not much to not like about Joeckel, he is great in pass protection and has the prototypical build for an offensive tackle. Joeckel is also good in run blocking and with Lesean McCoy in the Eagles backfield, they certainly would need that.

5. Detroit Lions
Player Name- Chance Warmack
Position, School- OG, Alabama

The Lions threw the ball more than any team in NFL history last year, and when you throw the football so much, you need to have good offensive line protection. Chance Warmack looks to be one of those rare prospects that is strictly and offensive guard, and still a top five pick. He is very talented in pass protection as well as driving defenders off the ball in run blocking. I am sure that Matt Stafford would really appreciate someone as good as Warmack coming in to help anchor the offensive line.

6. Cleveland Browns
Player Name- Jarvis Jones
Position, School- OLB/DE, Georgia

The Browns have a lot of needs for the next season, and there is no better place to start than at pass rusher. Jarvis Jones may be the most talented pass rusher and play maker in this years draft. He has incredible explosiveness  and very good speed off of the edge. Jones is a little undersized, so that affects his ability to hold up against the run, but for his size he plays tough and aggressive, which helps makes up for it. He also has a knack for stripping the quarterback once he gets there and a team like the Browns could use a guy that makes plays like that.

7. Arizona Cardinals
Player Name-Dee Milliner
Position, School- CB, Alabama

Despite an obvious need at offensive line for the Cardinals, I just love the idea of Patrick Peterson on one side of the defense and Dee Milliner on the other side. Milliner is a very good prospect that has great ball skills, and has the ability to play very good man to man coverage. He is not nearly as fast as Peterson, but he knows how to make plays and I believe will develop into a very solid cornerback in this league. With those two corners on the outside, the Cardinals secondary will be tough to throw the ball on.

8. Buffalo Bills
Player Name- Barkevious Mingo
Position, School- DE, LSU

The Bills went out and really tried to upgrade their pass rush before the 2012 season by signing Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. They did not pan out as they hoped, and they really are left in the same position as last year in terms of a pass rush. Barkevious Mingo has extremely good speed off of the edge, and figures to be a situational pass rusher in the NFL, at least for now. Mingo does have a pretty lanky frame, and he is not very effective in the run game yet. However he posses very good pass rushing skills and would help out Mario Williams and Mark Anderson along that Buffalo Bills defensive line.

9. New York Jets
Player Name- Bjoern Werner
Position, School- DE, Florida State

I do not even know where to start on the Jets needs for the 2013 season, but like many other teams, a pass rusher will really help them. Bjoern Werner has very raw skills but he is ultra talented. He has good quickness to beat offensive lineman off of the ball and get to the quarterback. With the Jets maybe looking to trade Darrell Revis, having a guy that can get some heat on the quarterback would help a lot. Werner is still very raw, and will take time to develop, but if the Jets work with him, I think he can be a very good player for them.

10. Tennessee Titans
Player Name- Eric Fisher
Position, School- OT, Central Michigan

The Titans need an injection of talent along their offensive line, heading into the 2013 season. Eric Fisher is a talented tackle, who showed elite run blocking ability and improvement in pass protection. The Titans have a mobile quarterback in Jake Locker, and a speedy running back in Chris Johnson, and in order for them to operate at the highest level possible they need to have a solid offensive line. Eric Fisher is a good start toward getting there.

11. San Diego Chargers
Player Name- Lane Johnson
Position, School- OT, Oklahoma

The Chargers have a multitude of weapons on offense  and a pretty good quarterback in Phillip Rivers, however they really need some help on the offensive line so Rivers can actually get the ball to his play-makers. Johnson is an athletic guy, especially for his size and the Chargers really could use that to help on screens on the outside, and for pass blocking in general. Lane Johnson is a talented guy, and with room to improve I could envision him being an anchor on the Chargers offensive line.

12. Miami Dolphins
Player Name-Keenan Allen
Position, School-WR, California

Allen may be a bit of a reach here at number 12, but the Dolphins really need a WR to help out Ryan Tannehill in the offense. Allen is a very good route runner and is capable of making big plays in the offense. He is not a super fast guy, but he is elusive and would be a good acquisition for the Dolphin receiving core.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player Name- Sheldon Richardson
Position, School- DT, Missouri

The Bucs defense was straight up awful in 2012, specifically the run defense. Gerald McCoy is a great player in the middle of the defense, but he needs someone else to help clog up the running lanes and rush the passer. Richardson brings a lot of energy and athleticism to the table, and if he stays motivated he can really bring another element to that defense. If you look at recent Super Bowl champions, all of them were able to rush up the middle and cause distress for the quarterback. With the combination of Richardson and McCoy the Bucs would be on their way to improving their defense.

14. Carolina Panthers
Player Name- Desmond Trufant
Position, School- CB, Washington

The Panthers secondary really lacks a difference maker, and I think if they draft Desmond Trufant they can eventually change that. Trufant has very good cover skills, and could really end up being a shut-down cornerback in this league. This will not happen immediately  as he will need to be developed but I do believe that he could make an impact for the Panthers. One question on him is his ability to make solid tackles. I personally believe that tackling for a cornerback is not necessarily a huge priority. Trufant would be a great pick for the Panthers to help improve their secondary for 2013.

15. New Orleans Saints 
Player Name- Ezekial Ansah
Position, School- DE, BYU

The Saints, statistically had the worst season defensive year in NFL history in 2012. They have needs at pretty much every position on defense but one major need is a pass rusher. Ezekial Ansah brings a pass rushing presence to the field that would really help the Saints. Ansah is incredibly quick, and utilizes that to get to the quarterback, he may only be a situation pass rusher right now as he is not very good holding up against the run. Ansah is tough to contain in passing situations and the Saints defense would really love having him on their team, rushing the quarterback.

16. St. Louis Rams
Player Name- Kenny Vaccaro
Position, School- FS, Texas

Being in the same division as the Seahawks and the 49ers, the Rams need to be able to play physical defensively. They already have very physical cornerbacks, and adding Vaccaro at safety would only help them. I watched Vaccaro quite a bit this past season and one definite thing I came away with was this: he hits hard. Vaccaro is an extremely physical safety that is not afraid at all of coming down into the box to help against the run. Vaccaro can improve his coverage skills, but he can be developed. I really think this pick elevates the Rams defense to a top 10 level, and will help them in contending for the division title in 2013.