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Miami Dolphins, Greg Jennings speculation grows stronger


The Green Bay Packers won’t be keeping Greg Jennings this offseason, and it seems like the Miami Dolphins have been linked to Jennings for just about the entire season. The Packers will have to deal without Jennings and now-retired Packers great Donald Driver, but New England Patriots fans aren’t too concerned about the Packers. Instead, the focus turns to a divisional rival and how they will be impacted if they do indeed add a talented wideout like Greg Jennings.

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First off, let’s take a look at the story. Jennings joined the Dolphins official TV show yesterday, stared into the camera, and said this (via The Palm Beach Post), “Joe, how you doing. Remember me?”

The 29-year-old knows it’s time for a change of teams, but there could be some familiarity with change. Joe Philbin was, of course, Jennings’s offensive coordinator in Green Bay before he left prior to the 2012 season for the head coaching gig with the Miami Dolphins. That’s the strongest link between Jennings and the Dolphins, and it looks like it could be what will propel a move for Jennings down south and into the AFC East,

The Dolphins will have to handle the question of re-signing Brian Hartline, who is a very good No. 2 wide receiver to have due to his ability to do different things at the position. He has steady hands, great straight-line speed as a deep threat, and he was the team’s most productive receiver in a breakout year with Ryan Tannehill.

It is possible for the Dolphins to sign Jennings and keep Hartline, but it might not be likely. The big thing here is that the Dolphins, mainly owner Stephen Ross, have made it known that they want and need playmakers- especially on offense. There is no doubting that, especially since the ‘Fins lack a true No. 1 receiver. That’s something Jennings would give this team, and it would be a huge boost for Tannehill and the offense as a whole.

Greg Jennings called Philbin one of his favorite coaches, and he also state that he has prepared his family for a change. He also told the Palm Beach Post hat he and Philbin have a “great relationship”.

A deal between Jennings and the Miami Dolphins is a hot-button rumor mill topic that has become even hotter after Jennings’s comments about Philbin and his future. Beyond that, he is an excellent fit for the Dolphins from a “team need” and X’s and O’s standpoint; it just seems to make too much sense. But as always, we tend to get wrapped up into speculation early so we’ll see how things move forward when Jennings officially hits the market.

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