3 Three Super Bowl Predictions


Feb 1, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the helmets for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers at the commissioner

As I sit drinking my tea, Earl Grey… If you were able to finish that last sentence, I hope it made you laugh.  As a very passionate New England fan, I’m finding it very hard to cheer for ether team in the “Big Game” this year. I have never liked Ray Lewis, but the Ravens, have always made cheer when they play any one else. As for the 49ers, I haven’t liked the way team has been handled the last 5 years and I am not a fan of that coach from Stanford. Also my dad is a huge 49ers fan, and he taught me to enjoy the game of football. So I sit drinking tea and torn between two outstanding teams. Hopefully by then end of my three Super Bowl predictions I hope you have idea of who I think is going to win the Super Bowl.

–I truly  expect to see similar attack the 49ers employed against the Patriots and a smattering of play action boot-leg used as well. Yes, the Ravens have a strong defense and are playing with a lot of emotion. That being said I don’t believe they have the speed to match the offense of the San Francisco 49ers. My First prediction; Is that both Ray Rice and Colin Kaepernick will run for over 100 yards in this game. And the Ravens will discover no answer for that Read-option attack that will be used heavily.

–I expect the Ravens to keep it close in the first quarter, as the teams feel each other out.  As the second quarter starts I predict that the game will be blown wide open by a special teams play by Kyle Williams. I see this happening during a punt by the Ravens. My second is prediction is Joe Flacco will throw two interceptions by the end of the game. This leads me to my final prediction of..

–The finial predictions about the Super Bowl, is this game between the 49ers and Ravens will be over by at beginning of the 4th quarter.  With 3 TD passes thrown by Colin Kaepernick, with one rushing TD.  Frank Gore gets a touch down on 15 plus yard run in the second quarter. Mr. Joe Flacco will throw 1 TD and Ray Rice getting the second touchdown for the Ravens. As the game rolls to an end I think you will see a tired and out played Baltimore  team, that sadly end Ray Lewis’s career, and the possible beginning of an outstanding 49ers team, that will have a very tough division next year.

The finial score will be 34-17 49ers. Please leave your thoughts in comments, and Thank you for reading.