Free Agency Speculation: New England Patriots should go after Titus Young


Titus Young Sr. has made the headlines for his tweet in which he asked the Lions to release him. If the Lions actually do release him, I think Young would be a perfect fit in New England.

Titus Young would be a Great Fit Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Titus Young has been in the NFL for two years now. He was drafted in the second round by the Detroit Lions after receiving for over 1,000 yards both his Junior and Senior Season at Boise State. He also is 5”11 while weighing 178 pounds and his average 40 yard-dash time is at 4.43. He had solid rookie season where he had 607 receiving yards. This past season was filled with drama as he was sent home three times and accused of running wrong routes because he was angry that he was not getting enough playing time. At the end he was placed on the IR because of a knee injury, but it seemed to be more of a punishment than a season ending injury.

The reason why Young would be perfect for the Patriots is that he is an extremely quick and skilled receiver and Bill Belichick seems to be the expert in dealing with and turning around undisciplined players.  Young is the deep threat the Patriots need. The lack of the ability to go deep was clearly portrayed in the AFC Championship loss. Without Rob Gronkowski the Pats don´t have the speed or size to pass deep. Instead they need to rely on Wes Welker to double or Triple juke somebody so that he gets open down field once in a while. Also Belichick has a reputation of reviving players who have struggled with off-field issues. One just has to look back at Randy Moss or Corey Dillon. Two other players who were both dropped to lower rounds in the Draft because of disciplinary issues were Ryan Mallett and Alfonzo Dennard. Now rumors have been going around the Browns might be willing to offer high picks for Ryan Mallett and Dennard is now a starting cornerback and an important player for the Patriots. So Belichick´s success rate is quite high with these type of players. Belichick even got Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) to adapt to the Patriot way even though it did not boost his performance. Bill Belichick is to me the best coach in the NFL and he would have no problems taking on another project like Titus Young. Another factor one should not forget is Jim Schwartz´s inability to manage his players. Last off season the headlines were full of Lions players committing crimes or doing something against the rules, so I am not surprised a young motivated player like young rebelled against his coach.

Overall, if Young hits free agency, I really hope the Patriots would try to sign him, especially since I believe that they will not and should not re-sign Wes Welker. Young would be a cheap free-agent since the other teams back away from players with off-field issues and would perfectly fit the Patriots needs. It would also stop them from using a 1st round draft pick on a deep threat receiver, which could then be used on the defensive side. I hope the Lions do release Young, especially if they don´t play him because it would be a waste of a very talented wide receiver.

Otherwise, I hope everybody enjoys the super bowl( Harbaugh Bowl) even if the Patriots are not in it.