New England Patriots Rundown: Wes Welker and Darrelle Revis


The New England Patriots rundown is a relatively new, occasional feature on Musket Fire where I take a look at storylines around the Patriots, AFC East, future opponents, and the NFL in one piece.

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1. Alec Shane is one of my favorite writers covering the Pats, and he did another excellent job with his piece today on Pats Pulpit that dealt with Wes Welker‘s free agency. Welker is the best player hitting the free agent market this offseason for the Pats (yes, he’s better than Sebastian Vollmer), and it’s a very polarizing subject indeed. At this point in time, Welker holds all the cards and it’s basically his choice as to whether or not he wants to stay with the New England Patriots. Is money more important to him, or the opportunity to play with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for the next few seasons?

Welker needs to realize that Brady is the best quarterback for him, and the Pats system and team is the best for him as well. While he would still have a high degree of success with another team, he wouldn’t be an elite receiver with that team. If he’s looking for big money, then he probably won’t have a chance at winning a Super Bowl. Most of the great teams are already pretty much set at WR, and I doubt they would splurge for Welker.

In the piece, Shane wrote that it comes down to how much Welker values money. I wholeheartedly agree.

2. Adam Schefter threw out a trade idea that the New York Jets should try and deal Darrelle Revis to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Alex Smith and parlay a second-round draft choice out of that deal. It looks evenly matched on paper and would be a great deal for the Jets, because they desperately need a solid QB (Smith is indeed very solid) and already have a lockdown corner in Antonio Cromartie.

I just don’t think it makes as much sense for the 49ers, as Smith is the equivalent of at least a first-round draft choice. Maybe it isn’t so evenly matched after all, but my main disagreement with this deal in the Niners case is the fact that they don’t need Revis. They already have three great corners in Carlos Rogers, Chris Culliver, and Tarell Brown. If anything, wide receiver and possibly safety are positions of need for the 49ers.

3. Randy Moss says he’s not retiring, but it sounds like he doesn’t want to return to the San Francisco 49ers. Bringing back Moss could help, but I would rather have  Donte’ Stallworth return.

4. Rob Ninkovich has always been in the discussion as a player deserving of a contract extension, due to his high character and incredible run defense at the defensive end position. ESPN Boston names him as a potential candidate for extension, and they also believe elite punter Zoltan Mesko could be in line for an extension.

5. Daniel Thomas is overrated by some people, so it’s nice to read this Armando Salguerro tweet that nobody he has talked to on the Dolphins views Thomas as a potential starter. He is an inefficient back who offers little upside and isn’t even a solid No. 2 option. Seriously, Lamar Miller is a better start for our rivals down in Miami.

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