Darrelle Revis in trade talks before injury


The New York Jets  best player suffered a torn ACL in Week 2 of the regular season, and now Darrelle Revis is the hottest trade candidate on the NFL market this offseason after reports surfaced about a week ago that the Jets were open to trading Revis. However, a report from the New York Post today has not only added a different layer to the story, but it has also blown the whole thing wide open.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cannizaro reported that Revis is looking for a “mega-deal”, and the Jets were discussing trading their lockdown cornerback even before he tore his ACL. It was widely believed that Revis was on the trade block as a result of the ACL tear and the concerns that the Jets have about his future health and ability to return to form (in addition to the troubles working out a contract with him). But this report from the New York Post takes things beyond John Idzik’s realm, and you have to feel bad for the new Jets GM.

Revis will undoubtedly be highly sought-after on the trading block, even if he probably won’t garner a first-round pick due to contract and injury concerns from other teams. But there is little doubt that Revis is the best cornerback in the league right now, and almost every team in the league would love to have Revis. I think the New England Patriots will at least give the Jets a call to see what their asking price is with Kyle Arrington and Aqib Talib set to hit the free agent market. I doubt the Patriots acquire him (highly doubt, is the better descriptor), but you can never rule anything out.

The Post reported that “more than one” GM talked to the Jets about a deal involving Revis before the injury the star cornerback sustained in Week 2 of this regular season.

It will be interesting to see if Idzik decides to change the Jets approach with Revis, but I have a feeling we’re going to see him wearing a different team’s jersey. However, some members of the Jets front office reportedly want to trade Antonio Cromartie, who is coming off of his first truly great season in New York (man, was he amazing stepping up for Revis this year) and has extremely high value right now. Both players are tradeable, and it seems like the Jets won’t be keeping both corners. They just don’t have enough cap space, which is a real shame for them given the benefit of having two shutdown guys back there.

We’ll see how things develop in the near future, but all eyes will be on Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets in what has been a long saga between both player and team.

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