New England Patriots Interviews: New York Jets Bret Lockett


I was able to ask former New England Patriots safety Bret Lockett, who recently signed a deal with the New York Jets that will put him through the offseason program. I would like to give a big “thank you” to both Lockett (follow him on Twitter here) and his agent Zack Teperman for graciously allowing me to do this interview. As you can see by the answers, Lockett is a down-to-earth and classy individual, and I am certainly rooting for him. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if the guy plays for the Jets or not. I think Pats fans will love the answer to question number two.

Bret Lockett official team photo with New York Jets via his agent.

1. First off, I noticed that you teamed up with PETA and appeared naked in order to fight fur. Could you please tell us more about your involvement with PETA and your belief that no animal should suffer for fur? I find this interesting and thought the video was awesome.

PETA has always been a long time organization I have always thought and spoke highly of. Their efforts against animal cruelty has been nothing short of amazing and wanted to get involved with them once I realized how fur was made. It is absolutely insane and inhumane how these animals have to suffer for the love of fashion or to make a statement in a jacket most people only wear a few times. Having these beliefs I was able to team up with PETA and be fight these issues joining the “Ink Not Mink” Campaign; saying I’d rather cover myself with tattoos before I ever where fur.

2. You spent some time with the New England Patriots, but unfortunately you were not able to spend your final season with the team due to injuries. What was your biggest take-away from playing under Bill Belichick and for the Pats organization?

It was an honor to be able to be coached and play for one of the best coaches ever in football. Being around him and that organization taught me how to be a consumate professional on the field and off as well.  Always paying attention to the finest of details and limiting mistakes to almost perfection, which attest to always being disciplined.

3. Now that you have been signed by the Jets, this is something of a comeback for you. What are the assets that you think you can bring to the table for the Jets in training camp (and hopefully beyond)? You made a high impact on special teams for the Cleveland Browns and Pats after spending one year at UCLA, and I think that is a solid, underrated contribution to help the Jets out.

I don’t really think of this as a comeback. This is just a continuation on what I’ve been doing my whole life, playing football. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned but you control your future and for now is not forever. I am as hard working as they come. That’s how I got to the NFL. I was not drafted nor a high priority free agent. I was signed on a tryout basis. I always remember what it took to make it here and carry that with me everyday of my life.

4. Do you have any specific goals for the future right now? You are only 26, so there is still plenty of time for you to make your mark in this league and benefit a team like the Jets. How was the rehab process last season and what are some of the emotions you felt following the 2011 season.

As of now my only goal is to be the best team player I can be for the Jets and let everything else fall where it may. Rehab is a difficult process but has made me a much smarter and healthier player. Football is my life and when your life is taken away, the only way you can live again is to take it back. It’s back now and I don’t ever plan on letting it go.

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