Tom Brady and Wes Welker compatibility check


Editor’s Note: This is an interesting guest piece that’s a bit offbeat from our normal coverage of the New England Patriots. I was asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to accept a guest post opportunity from Hollywood Psychics in order to take a look at the compatibility of Wes Welker and Tom Brady in the passing game. Both players have their innate connection working to the best of their abilities, and this piece takes an interesting look at why. Whether or not you believe in astrology, I still think you’ll find this piece at least a little invigorating. I sure did. I would like to thank Teresa Lopez and the folks at Hollywood Psychics for their kindness and this opportunity. 

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Now that there are no more family gatherings on the schedule, the excessive buying is over, and the holidays have passed, Pats fans are waiting for one more gift—a spectacular playoff run from their team. While the experts at Musket Fire and Pats fans know the team inside-and-out, there’s one perspective that they may not be considering—astrology.
Sounds nuts? We know. But we also wanted to provide a little-known side of the players that could have a huge impact on the upcoming post season. Our psychics at Hollywood Psychics looked into the astrology of Tom Brady to see how compatible he is with two of the most important guys on his team: Welker and Belichick.

Brady, a Fire sign Leo, and Welker, an Earth sign Taurus, have a lot more in common than it initially appears—beyond the fact that both are fixed signs. As fixed signs, Leo and Taurus are both extremely determined and aren’t fond of change. Brady has a drive for success that is matched by Welker, however, the Leo/Taurus pairing occasionally butts heads since they both want to take the lead and because of Welker’s sideline antics and pranks. While Leos crave the spotlight and relish being in charge, Taurus has “bull”-ish tendencies, as well, but enjoy the spoils of victory more so than the victory itself. For this reason, Taurus and Leo can work really well together, especially when they realize they’re setting out to accomplish the same goal.  After the back-to-back losses at the beginning of the season, both Brady and Welker stepped it up to win 10 of the next 12 games going into Week 17. Once they’re both on the same page, this duo is virtually unstoppable, given their shared “never say die” attitude.

As an Aries, Bill Belichick was practically born to be a coach.  Aries, a Cardinal fire sign, is characterized by analytical thinking and a desire to win at all stops.  Ruled by the planet Mars, named for the ancient Roman god of war, Aries believes all is fair when it comes to the battlefield—or the gridiron, in this case.  When Aries teams up with Leo, as in the case of Belichick’s QB, Tom Brady, he becomes a trusted general on the field and Belichick places full confidence in Brady’s abilities to carry out a winning plan or get creative on-the-fly. Both fire signs hate to lose. (Not that anyone really likes losing, but ego-driven Aries and Leo loathe losing probably more than others from an astrological standpoint.) Ego can definitely come into play with the Belichick/Brady pairing, however, as long as one clearly establishes who will be the leader at the outset, these two strong-willed signs will work together like a dream towards a common goal.

Even if other Brady match-ups aren’t as strong, these two on his side could be the difference makers of the upcoming games. If Welker and Brady get on the same page and if Belichick truly places his trust in Brady, these astrological strongholds could use their determination to win on the gridiron’s biggest stage this post season. The only way to know if their compatibility will stand: park yourself in front of the TV to see if two of the top pairs in the NFL have their stars aligned.

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