New England Patriots Week 17 Stats Look


It’s time to take a look at some statistics of note following Sunday’s big 28-0 victory for the New England Patriots over the Miami Dolphins. The most number is “2”, which is the seed for the Patriots in the playoffs. Another stat of note is 6-0, which is the Pats record in AFC East play this season.

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1. The New England Patriots offensive line was just incredible, and Sebastian Vollmer got his revenge on Cameron Wake in Week 17 after Wake beat up on the injured RT in their first meeting. I have never seen Wake negated like that as a pass rusher, and the Pats as a whole held the Dolphins to just two hits on Tom Brady and a meager four hurries in total. The only sack of the game came from a cornerback blitz, while the other QB hits was from an ILB blitz by Kevin Burnett.

2. Tom Brady went 12-17 on throws to the middle and right of the field, but never completed a deep pass outside of the middle of the field.

3. Brandon Lloyd caught just one pass on five targets for nine yards in this game, and that’s what skews Brady’s stats when throwing to the left side of the field (10-15 on short plays, 0-4 on deep throws).

4. Ryan Tannehill was a precise 11-14 on throws to the right side of the field, but he was awful elsewhere and felt the heat on roughly a third of his passing attempts. Tannehill finished with a sub-20 TQBR and continues to struggle against the New England Patriots.

5. You know who doesn’t struggle in Dolphins-Patriots games? Wes Welker. He is dominant against his former team, and he has been dominant all season. Brady and Welker are connecting perfectly down the stretch, and Welker caught eight passes on roughly 11 targets for a total of 94 yards. Only Danny Woodhead’s 5-5 for 79 yards day beat Welker’s big game against Miami.

6. Nobody had more than half of the number of successful plays that Chandler Jones did, as he finished with seven tackles, two batted passes, and eight successful plays as arguably the best defender on the field. The Dolphins only ran the ball 15 times for an awful YPC average, and that’s due to the incredible days that Jones and Vince Wilfork had against the run.

7. Ryan Tannehill was sacked seven times and hit eight times. Justin Francis (3), Trevor Scott, Derrick Martin, Vince Wilfork, and Brandon Deaderick all sacked the Dolphins QB. Dont’a Hightower added the eighth QB hit, and Chandler Jones had a tackle for loss in run defense.

8. This is just how good Chandler Jones was against the Dolphins. They ran the ball four times for just nine yards when running it towards the left side of the field. Three of those four runs resulted in tackles made by Jones. In total, Jones had a whopping six tackles in run defense, while Wilfork added an impressive four.

9. According to The Pro Football Focus, Devin McCourty held Brian Hartline to just four receptions for a lower average than his yards per reception average on the season.

10. When rushing it straight up the gut, the New England Patriots averaged over five yards per carry with 68 total yards on 13 touches. Stevan Ridley had two touchdowns when running it up the middle, with one of them being straight up the throat of the Dolphins defense.

11. Tom Brady averaged 7.9 yards per attempt and finished with a 104.4 QB Rating in total. Another thing, the Pats were 2-3 on fourth down conversions in this game. Brady had a 13.2 EPA against the ‘Fins.

12. The Patriots averaged nearly six yards per play, were obviously a perfect 3-3 in the red zone, they did not commit a turnover while also forcing two, and they also had a time of possession of more than 11 minutes than the Dolphins. Yeah, it was a dominant performance all-around for the New England Patriots.

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