Buffalo Bills fire Chan Gailey


Not only will the Buffalo Bills likely be picking a new quarterback in the draft, but they will also be hunting for a new head coach even sooner. Head coach Chan Gailey has actually been a defender of Ryan Fitzpatrick, but the Bills will no longer have him after announcing his firing a littler bit earlier today. The Bills were tied for the worst record in the AFC East season at 6-10, but I think they were worse than the New York Jets due to their putrid defense.

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I think the Bills are going to pick up a coach who is a big quarterback guru to help mold whichever QB they take in April, and I personally think that the signal-caller they will select is Tyler Wilson. The Bills should also seriously consider firing Dave Wannstedt, because this defense has severely underperformed under him.

The Bills actually did slightly better than their 5.8-10.2 pythagorean win total, and I think that Gailey’s firing is a little harsh. I thought he handled everything maturely this season, and he did all he could in leading a successful offense. The firing of Gailey is more symbolic of the change of times in Buffalo, and I bet we see GM Buddy Nix out the door.

I feel like Nix is more responsible for the poor play of our rivals, because some of his personnel decisions have been spotty. But it’s not like he is completely to blame, because he did help this team build some solid pieces despite some mistakes.

These were all my thoughts before I took a look at Gailey’s record as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, and then realized this team has gone 16-32. He is a solid offensive mind, but I don’t think he is built to be a head coach. In fact, he kind of got thrust into that role after leaving the Kansas City Chiefs. Gailey is a very good offensive coordinator, but this team needs help on defense. The other coordinators have to go (mainly the DC), and Nix should be on his way out. We’ll see what happens to him, but there is still enough of a chance that the Bills retain him. In my opinion, the Bills need to clean up house and start afresh. That means a new QB, new GM, new coordinators, and a new head coach.

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