New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills Q&A


The New England Patriots will be looking to complete the season sweep of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and the odds are definitely in their favor. Jack Goods, the o-editor of the Buffalo Bills site BuffaLowDown, was kind enough to answer some questions about the upcoming AFC East battle between these two teams in Foxborough. Be sure to check out his site for more on the Bills as we head into tomorrow’s game. You can view my answers to Jack’s questions here.

1. I can’t help but think that C.J. Spiller (7.2 YPC) has been the best running back in the league this year, and I want to know if you agree with this. How many carries will he get and Fred Jackson get? Do you agree that Spiller needs more carries.

It’s kind of inconsistent how many times C.J. Spiller will touch the ball, but I’ll tell you this. It won’t be enough times. For some reason Chan Gailey will not let the offense run through him, even through Fitzpatrick’s struggles. This team is at its best when Spiller has momentum. I personally think that he should get the ball much more often than Fred Jackson, who is starting to look much slower.


 2. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been receiving a lot of criticism from his GM Buddy Nix, and the Bills are finally realizing that he isn’t a franchise quarterback. However, do you think that some Bills fans have gone too far with their criticism of Fitzpatrick? Was Vince Young ever a serious threat to usurp Fitzpatrick at the quarterback position?

I don’t think the Bills fans have gone too far criticizing Fitzpatrick, for the most part it is warranted. He holds this offense back, plain and simple. Was Vince Young ever a serious threat? I don’t think so. I don’t think this team wanted to give Fitz a serious threat, they just looked for guys who were worse than him. Thigpen isn’t going to exactly start gunslinging. Their strategy through all this makes it very surprising that Nix is now openly critical of Ryan.

 3. How will the Buffalo Bills try to cover Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez? Last time these guys played, it seemed like the Bills could not handle Gronk’s explosive ability at all, and they were lucky that he dropped a few easy ones early on.

The Bills are going to try their hardest to stop the tightends, but in the end they really can’t do it. The secondary is mediocre to start with, and now they are missing cornerbacks Aaron Williams and Terrance McGee. I’d expect the Patriots to rip up the Bills through the air 

4. Which matchup in the trenches is the most interesting for you? Personally, I can’t wait to see star rookies Chandler Jones and Cordy Glenn go at it.

I agree with you, Chandler vs. Glenn will be interesting to watch. Glenn started the season very strong, impressing most here. He got injured but is back now and should continue to be a solid left tackle. 

5. Who wins and why? 

 I predict that the Bills offensively can get some things moving, but it won’t be nearly enough to make up for the amount of points they give up. 41-21 Patriots.

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