Hope everyone was safe during the hurricane this weekend! 1.  ..."/> Hope everyone was safe during the hurricane this weekend! 1.  ..."/>

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings


Hope everyone was safe during the hurricane this weekend!

1.   Atlanta Falcons (7-0) – My friend asked me, “Should I start Matt Ryan or Tony Romo in my fantasy team?” That’s a no brainer to me! Matt Ryan destroyed the Eagles’ defense in the first half alone. He is putting together an MVP season one game at a time.

2.   Houston Texans (6-1) – Easy schedule or not, this team is really good. They could have a trap game against the Bills this week, but their defense is so bad I don’t see Schaub or Foster having a problem.

3.   San Francisco 49ers (6-2) – Alex Smith was near perfect in the Niners’ rout of the Cardinals. Aiding him was the explosive game from Michael Crabtree. The defense ripped through one of the worst O-lines and made Skelton pay. They get to rest up next weekend for their…intense…matchup against the Rams week 10.

4.   New York Giants (6-2) – The Giants beat the Cowboys because of the 6 turnovers. This team is good but they blew a 23-point lead and won because of the non-touchdown in the late seconds of the game.

5.   Chicago Bears (6-1) – This may be one of the greatest defenses of all time. They not only defend, but score points. They’ve had 6 defensive TD’s…the 1985 Bears only had 5.

6.   Baltimore Ravens (5-2) – The Ravens come off their bye week with the Browns and Raiders on deck. Some say these are two easy wins but I’m looking for the Browns to give them a run for their money.

7.   New England Patriots (5-3) – The best take-away from their game against the Rams was the Pats’ defensive effort. They gave up a TD in the first drive of the game, but held them to that until the end. I thought their weak secondary might give Bradford an opportunity to relive his rookie season, but not at all. They face the Bills coming off their bye week.

8.   Green Bay Packers (5-3) The only reason I have the Packers below the Pats is because they had a close game with the Jaguars, who are awful. Rodgers clearly struggled without Jennings and Nelson which may be a concern going forward.

9.   Denver Broncos (4-3) – Peyton Manning is making a strong case for his fifth MVP award this season. He obliterated the weak Saints defense, while his own defense shut down Drew Brees. This team is becoming a strong competitor in a lackluster AFC each week.

10.   Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) – The Steelers made RGIII look like a rookie Sunday afternoon. This team’s success hinges on its defense, so this was a big game.

11.   Seattle Seahawks (4-4) The Seahawks are 1-4 away from Seattle, so to me this team isn’t a real threat yet. They are very talented but need to grow enough to avoid relying on “the 12th man.”

12.   Minnesota Vikings (5-3) – Christian Ponder looked awful in the Vikings’ loss to the Buccs this Thursday night. It seems each week he gets worse and worse, and shows no sign of slowing.

13.   Miami Dolphins (4-3) – Perhaps one of the best special teams units in the NFL, the Dolphins blocked a punt, blocked a field goal, and recovered an onside kick against the Jets. This team is surprising many and could make the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

14.   Detroit Lions (3-4) – Matt Stafford was able to put together a solid offensive game against the Seahawks impressive corners. Oh, he did it without Megatron too. Maybe this team has turned around and is ready to fight again.

15.   Washington Redskins (3-5) – Drops have killed this team in every game they’ve played. If they caught half the passes they dropped, they might have a better record. RGIII looked mortal this weekend, but one could blame that on the drops.

16.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) – The Buccs had lost their last 9 road games until coming to play the Vikings. They took control of the game and put Ponder on the run constantly.

17.   Dallas Cowboys (3-4) – Despite 6 turnovers, the Cowboys were miraculously able to almost pull out a win Sunday afternoon. They need a coaching change badly, though, and it should be sooner than later.

18.   Cincinnati Bengals (3-4) – The Bengals had lost three straight before their bye week and now they get to play the Broncos and Giants. Look for them to fall even further in these rankings.

19.   Indianapolis Colts (4-3) – The Colts got lucky when the refs called that fumble an incomplete pass at the end of the game. They should have lost the game then but went on to win in OT.

20.   New Orleans Saints (2-5) – Not even a Drew Brees led offense could score enough points to cover for their abysmal defense every week.

21.   Arizona Cardinals (4-4) – The Cardinals just look terrible. Their offensive line might as well just not show up for the game. If I were one of Skelton or Kolb’s parents I’d be having heart attacks every time he sets foot on the turf.

22.   New York Jets (3-5) – The special teams allowed a kick return for a TD last week against the Pats, and then gave up a blocked punt and field goal, and onside kick recover against the Dolphins. So much for Tebow as a blocker…

23.  Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) – This team is awful. I don’t care what anyone says about their record, it’s all meaningless when their play is this bad. The defensive coordinator got the ax last week and Andy Reid should be next.

24.   Cleveland Browns (2-6) – The Browns up at 24? Why not! They beat the Chargers this weekend and look competitive most of the time.

25.   Tennessee Titans (3-5) – I feel bad, they should have won the game on Sunday. Even with another win, this team still isn’t very good.

26.   Oakland Raiders (3-4) – The Raiders won this week but it was at the hands of the embarrassing Chiefs.

27.   San Diego Chargers (3-4) – Norv Turner should get the pink slip this week. I’d have done it years ago, but now it’s long overdue.

28.   St. Louis Rams (3-5) – The Rams showed a flash of competition when they scored on their first offensive drive with a beautiful TD pass. Nope; same old Rams.

29.   Buffalo Bills (3-4) – The Bills come off a bye week to play New England and Houston. Not a fun two weeks to be a Bill…

30.   Carolina Panthers (1-6) – The Panthers are in desperate need of talented personnel. They just don’t have enough right now.

31.   Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6) – They could have pulled an upset for the ages against the Packers this weekend, but their overall weakness got in their way. They need the high draft pick they will get at the end of this season.

32.   Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) – Hmm where to start fixing the Chiefs….fire Romeo Crennel. Jamaal Charles only got 5 carries last weekend. The only one to blame is the coach.