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As football fans it is our dream—nay, duty—to go to the SuperBowl. It is the single greatest time of year: when our country is totally consumed with continuous speculation and analyses as the NFL’s best prepare to square off the in football’s most iconic event. There is no way to guarantee your favorite team a trip to the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome in New Orleans for SuperBowl XLVII on February 3, 2013. But for the first time ever, there is an easy, flexible and convenient way to guarantee your own ticket to the most watched game on earth.

Enter OptionIt.

At you can reserve SuperBowl XLVII tickets and travel packages with all the convenience and flexibility any sports fan could need. By purchasing an option, you are guaranteed the opportunity to see the NFL’s best square off without any of the hassle associated with finding an affordable ticket. The option gives you an obligation-free reservation on premium game day and travel packages with the ability to resell your option at any time. Sounds pretty cool, right?

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Options don’t stop at just SuperBowl XLVII. You can also reserve tickets to the biggest NFL regular season games, the 2013 Rose Bowl and BCS National Championship along with other high-demand sporting events like the NCAA Final Four and PGA Masters.

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With options, being a part of sports history becomes more than just a possibility: it becomes reality. Through OptionIt’s simple process, you are empowered to secure high-demand inventory on your own terms, in a way that meets the demands of your hectic sports schedule. Options can help any sports fan by offering:

  • More time. More Convenience. More Flexibility. Whether you cannot commit for personal reasons or you don’t know how your favorite team will perform, options have your back.
  • Peace of Mind. Long gone are the days of camping outside the box office waiting for tickets or paying extreme mark-ups through scalpers or resale sites
  • Security. Each option is guaranteed through OptionIt’s official relationships with our partners so you never have to worry about being left out.

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Games like the Super Bowl make legends that are only heard through tales of triumph. When the image of victory begins to shape itself into a genuine possibility, our city comes alive with total excitement and anticipation. And as the football season starts to wind down, you can only hope your team’s success is as guaranteed with our options.