No news on New England Patriots Brian Waters


Nick Caserio answered some questions regarding players such as Steve Gregory, Dane Fletcher, and the often-discussed veteran guard Brian Waters. The New England Patriots veteran star pass protector is likely dealing with something big or just resting, but it’s probably something big since the team has been lenient on him. Caserio said that there are no updates on Waters, and he followed that up with this extremely interesting quote. Bill Belichick is probably proud of this one.

“Really, everything is day to day. We’ll take today and deal with today, and then whatever happens tomorrow, we’ll take that as it comes,” Caserio said.

So the real Brian Waters isn’t standing up, and nobody knows when he will. By the way, that convoluted reference has been going around on Twitter and was just some regurgitation on my part. Truth be told, it was one of Eminem’s more creative but less organized works.

On topic now, there’s nothing on Waters. Still nothing. The Patriots aren’t going to tell us what’s going on, and they might not even know. Either way, a lot rests on Waters’s impending return.

The O-Line with Waters

LT Nate Solder

LG Logan Mankins

C Dan Connolly

RG Brian Waters

RT Sebastian Vollmer

This is assuming everyone is healthy.

Without Waters

LT Solder

LG Mankins

C Ryan Wendell

RG Dan Connolly

RT Sebastian Vollmer

If the former Kansas City Chiefs star doesn’t return, then it looks like the rising Ryan Wendell has a spot in the starting line-up. If he does, then Connolly will shift inside and the Pats will have one of the best interiors in the league, especially in terms of pass protection. If not, then the Pats still have a solid interior.

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