Tebow to the Jets? LOL


Let me be clear from the start of this article…I am not now, nor will i ever be, a Tim Tebow fan. His accuracy and pocket presence are laughable and hence a huge part of why his name was all over the media last season. He is over-hyped and the fact that he is religious should have no place in sports media. Plenty of other players are religious as well, they just don’t make a huge deal about it. One could argue the only reasons the Broncos made the post-season last year is because of their defense, kicker, and joke of a division. So, if you are a fan of the tight end who insists on lining up under center, this article isn’t for you.

Now then, when I heard that Tebow was traded to the Jets, the first thing I did was laugh. The trade is ridiculous in so many ways, aside from the fact that a team I hate just acquired a player I don’t care for. This trade to the Jets is going to benefit the Patriots in ways the Jets organization clearly didn’t consider. For starters, Tebow’s personality is completely different from key figureheads in the Jets’ locker room; mainly Rex Ryan and Antonio Cromartie. Ryan is outspoken and obnoxious while Tebow is quiet and humble. Cromartie can’t even name all nine of his kids he has with eight different women while Tebow is a self-proclaimed virgin till marriage. Tebow knows this; why do you think he said “excited” 44 times in his press conference after his trade? Hes trying a little too hard to  show he isn’t upset about this move.

In addition to the locker room tension that will exist thanks to the drastically different personalities, there will be added tension centered around the starting QB (for now), Mark Sanchez. The Jets paid-off Sanchez with an extension in an effort to show he was their leader, but even this won’t remove the Tebow-shaped knife from his back. Sanchez’s proper response to the Tebow trade (if he was truly the team leader) should have been similar to backup QB Drew Stanton‘s; outrage. But the contract extension groomed him to be the quiet, obedient pawn of Jets owner, Woody Johnson. In addition to Sanchez always looking over his shoulder for Tebow to step in and take his place, the locker room will be split into Team Sanchez and Team Tebow, much like the fan-base will be split. As soon as Sanchez throws his first pick, Tebow supporters all over the tri-state area will be crying for Tebow to start. The locker room will be even more dysfunctional than they already were, and that only means good things when the Patriots play them twice this year.

This trade was clearly about publicity and media attention, which is something Rex Ryan apparently cannot get enough of, despite the negative affects on his team. Win or lose, he ensured that people would be talking about the Jets non-stop this year. As a Patriots fan, I couldn’t be happier about the state of the Jets. It only means two easier games when we play them this year! And as for the Jets’ quarterback situation, the only thing guaranteed will be the team’s leading receiver…the ground.