Tom Brady’s History Against the Ravens


Tom Brady has faced the Ravens five times over the course of his career and has a 4-1 record, but that one loss came in the 2009 playoffs at Gillette Stadium, a 33-14 loss where the Ravens jumped out to a 24-0 lead in the first quarter. Despite Brady’s impressive record against the Ravens, it doesn’t mean the Ravens defense is not feared by Brady and the Patriots.

  • 2004: Win 24-3
  • 2007: Win 27-24
  • 2009: Win 27-21
  • 2009 playoffs: Loss 33-14
  • 2010: Win 23-20

With a defense with names such as Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed they have the ability to change a game. Bill Belichick and Brady have a great deal of respect for the Ravens defense. In “A Football Life- Bill Belichick” which aired earlier in the season there was a scene before the Patriots-Ravens regular season game in 2009 when Brady and Belichick were going over film and they were discussing what a playmaker Reed is and how Brady always needs to find where he is on the field before the ball is snapped.

The Ravens defense has been able to put pressure on Brady, something other defenses have struggled with. In five games against Brady, the Ravens have sacked him 13 times. To put that in perspectives in 10 regular season games against Brady the Colts have only sacked Brady 12 times. The best way to beat Brady is to be able to get pressure on him. Despite the 1-4 record against Brady, they still have been able to put pressure on him.

This will be one of the biggest keys for the Ravens in Sunday’s game — can they put pressure on Brady? Brady is not at his best when he has defenders in his face and forcing him to move around in the pocket. If the Patriots offensive line can protect Brady that increases the likelihood of Brady and the Patriots advancing to the Super Bowl.

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