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Inside Enemy Territory: 5 Questions About the Kansas City Chiefs


Inside Enemy Territory is a feature where I ask a blogger for the Patriots’ upcoming opponent five questions about their team and the upcoming game. This week, the Patriots host the 4-5 Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots are coming off a huge win in New Jersey over the New York Jets and find themselves firmly in first in the AFC East. The Chiefs lost to their division rivals, the Denver Broncos, as well as Matt Cassel for the season. I contacted Patrick Allen from Arrowhead Addict, a Kansas City Chiefs blog, to get his insight on the Chiefs. Arrowhead Addict is the leading Kansas City Chiefs blog on the internet and always has loads of content.

Here’s our Q&A…

1. What can you tell Patriots fans about Palco, other than he had music hits in the 80’s such as “Rock Me Amadeus” and “Der Kommissar?”

"He is left handed and he also wears a hair band. His secret agent name is Falco Calabaloo."

2. What are Chiefs’ fans general feelings about Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel? Patriots fans certainly miss them both.

"I think most fans love Romeo. More often than not he has his defense playing really well. The Chiefs have had the occasional breakdown this season but the loss of Eric Berry and a lack of depth at safety have really hurt them.As for Pioli, I would say the reaction is mixed. Some really like the way he does things and some think he is too cautious. The reality of the situation is that Chiefs fans won’t be satisfied until Kansas City gets a playoff win. It doesn’t look like that is coming this year."

3. Who has the bigger advantage: Tom Brady and his knowledge of Romeo Crennel’s defense, or Crennel and his knowledge of Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense?

"The advantage goes to Brady. The Chiefs just can’t rush the passer and I think that really limits what they are able to do defensively. Even if Romeo can confuse Tom with his coverages, Brady will have enough time for them to break down."

4. Who has been the Chiefs’ best rookie so far, and how can he impact the game Monday night?

"The rookies this year haven’t done a whole lot. Allen Baiely and Justin Houston have played the most but neither has made a huge impact yet. Jonathan Baldwin, KC’s first round pick, has probably shown the most potential so far. He has only played a few games after being suspended for the first half of the season but he’s shown flashes of big play talent despite a less than ideal offensive situation. He’ll be the guy to watch in the coming years and if Palko can find him, on Monday night."

5. Despite starting an inexperienced quarterback, do you think the Chiefs will try and take advantage of the Patriots’ vulnerable secondary?

"I think they would be stupid not to. The Patriots are an excellent and they are going to move the football. If the Chiefs think they are going to come out and play conservative offense to try to win a 10-7 game they are going to lose. Kansas City has nothing to lose at this point so they might as well attack. Throwing with Palko may not work but I think it gives them their best shot to win."

Bonus: Game prediction?

"The Chiefs are a mess right now. They’ve shown great resiliency this season but I think the injuries have mounted too high. With Cassel, Berry, Moeaki and Charles this would have been a game. Without them, it won’t be.Patriots 38, Chiefs 14"