Inside Enemy Territory: 5 Questions about the Miami Dolphins


Inside Enemy Territory is a feature where I ask a blogger for the Patriots’ upcoming opponent five questions about their team and the upcoming game. The Pats play the Miami Dolphins Monday night at Sun Life Stadium in the regular season opener, so I asked Brian Miller, lead editor of Phin Phanatic, some questions about the Miami Dolphins. As with the Defending the Red Zone feature posted earlier, with Brian Miller asking me questions, I kept most of the questions slightly tongue-in-cheek.

Let’s get right to the questions…

1. The Pats claimed LB A.J. Edds off waivers from the Dolphins. What can you tell Pats fans about Edds?

"Brian Miller: Not much actually.  He tore his ACL during training camp last year and missed all of 2010.  While he has recovered, the Dolphins drafted him to be a coverage LB…needless to say he didn’t excel in that area during training camp or pre-season.  He did however do much better in run defense.  Edds has a lot of upside potential but has a lot of questions surrounding him.  Personally, I like the kid and thought for sure he would make the final 53 man roster.  I was surprised he did not."

2. What’s the deal with Tony Sparano piping in crowd noise during team practices? The Dolphins are playing at home, correct?

"BM: South Florida is an eclectic group that really are comprised more of transplanted northerners who no longer with to deal with the cold winters.  Because of this, Miami often finds a larger contingent of fans from the opposing team on game days.  Couple that with the fact that the Dolphins have not been winning, and season ticket sales have plummeted allowing for more available tickets for out of town fans."

3. The Dolphins front office seems to believe in Chad Henne. Do Dolphins fans?

"BM: There is a 50/50 split on supporters.  All agree that Sparano and Jeff Ireland are hanging their careers on Chad Henne as they are both on short leashes.  Still, if Henne can play like he did during the pre-season, he will win over many more fans for sure."

4. Does it upset you when some say, “Squish the fish,” when dolphins are really mammals?

"BM: No not at all…it simply shows the intelligence level of say…”Jets fans”.  In reality though, what does rhyme with Dolphins?"

5. Better fashion statement: Tom Brady wearing Uggs or Tony Sparano’s shades?

"BM: Tony Sparano’s shades!   He wears his sunglasses at night!  Shades are always in style.  Seriously though, for those of your readers who are not aware of why he does, when he was working in a fast food joint up north as a teen hot grease sprayed into his eyes.  He didn’t lose his site but his eyes are very light sensitive. To the point that he tears up considerably to the point he can’t see at all when exposed to bright conditions."

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