Patriots Friday Afternoon Practice Report


When the Patriots hit the field Friday afternoon for practice, new acquisitions Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco were there with them. Haynesworth watched from the sidelines while Ochocinco hit the field running. Let’s hope Albert Haynesworth isn’t having trouble passing his conditioning test…Riley Babcock from FanSided’s Baltimore Ravens blog Ebony Bird is in town in New England and made to the Pats’ practice. He passed along some notes. When you get a chance, check out the Ebony Bird blog as well.

Here are Riley’s notes, with my reaction in italics:

-I was most impressed by Brandon Tate. He was flying across the field during drills and diving everywhere for catches. He looked excited and ready to go. If Tate can emerge, he will provide the vertical threat the team has been lacking since Randy Moss last gave 100% on the field. 

-Chad arrived wearing a blue track suit and stretched wearing it until a trainer brought him a helmet and an 85 jersey. Ocho was able to get his coveted #85 from TE Aaron Hernandez free of charge. Hernandez will now wear #81, his college number.

-He was wearing orange tennis shoes and what looked to be orange gloves (I’m assuming because of the Bengals) until someone brought over white cleats.

-The crowd was cheering and clapping after every catch he made. The crowds are always great at training camp practices. When camp hits, football fans are so starved for their football they’ll cheer the slightest play. It’s a great atmosphere.

-Chad looked pretty calm and focused.

-I couldn’t find out what number Aaron Hernandez was wearing, nor could anyone else in the bleachers. I heard reports that he would take 81 but someone else was wearing that number. Supposedly he gave 85 up for nothing. Yep!

-Ryan Mallet carried off Tom Brady’s pads. Mallet’s rookie induction has only begun! If the Pats continue tradition, he’s do for a new hair style soon…

-Albert Haynesworth was in sweatpants and did not practice. He stood next to Vince Wilfork and they talked for a good 5 minutes. Wilfork will be a great resource for Haynesworth as he learns and adjusts to the Patriots’ defense, whether it’s a 3-4 or a 4-3.

Here are some pics taken by Riley at camp (all credit goes to Riley Babcock for these photos):