NFL Network Puts the Patriots “On the Clock”


On the NFL Network’s show Path to the Draft, the analysts put the Patriots “on the clock” and discussed the possible directions the Patriots could go in the first round of the draft. One possibility that was brought up by local guy Tom Curran of Comcast Sports Net that hasn’t really been discussed much is the option the Pats have to move up in the first round. The past few drafts have been somewhat frustrating for Patriots fans with the team usually moving back in the order. A move up would certainly be something a little more exciting. The logic behind moving up is pretty sound when you factor everything in.

Curran states, and draft analyst Mike Mayock later agreed, that the Pats already have lots of young players, and there aren’t a lot of open spots for young guys to make an impact. With six picks in the first three rounds, the Pats have the ammunition to move up, and now may be the time to really go after what the team considers a blue chip prospect. Also, there could be a rookie wage scale in place once the new CBA gets worked out (hopefully). This would make moving up and taking a blue chip player more appealing from a monetary perspective, because the player would be limited in the amount of money he could make.

So who could the Pats move up for? The consensus among the analysts was not on a player but on a position: outside pass rusher, likely a DE/OLB. Cal’s Cam Jordan, who has size and athleticism, was brought up by both Curran and analyst Michael Lombardi. Curran also mentioned Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan as a player the Pats could target and move up for. Mayock thinks that North Carolina’s Robert Quinn is a player the Pats could move up for if he falls to the 10-12 range. Lombardi feels that Aldon Smith from Missouri is a a pass rush prospect the Pats could target with their first pick of the draft.

In terms of the Patriots’ second first-round pick , the consensus amongst the analyst again focused on a position: offensive line. Curran likes tackle Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin while Mayock mentions Baylor’s Danny Watkins. Watkins can play either right tackle or move inside and play guard. Mayock closed by throwing out a wild card possibility: Alabama runningback Marc Ingram. Ingram is an interesting prospect but I don’t think that the Pats will go there unless he falls to them with their second first-round pick.

To see the video clip of this segment, click here.