2011 Scouting Combine Report: Runningbacks


As the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine unfolds, I’ll be passing along the rankings of the players that worked out as they relate to Patriots’ needs. Yesterday I brought you the top performers for the offensive linemen and any Patriots-related news regarding the position. Today, the runningback, quarterbacks, and wide receivers ran through the various drills and positional workouts. Runningback is my #4 need for the Pats, so today’s focus will be on that group. For a pretty good explanation of the various workout and positional drills, click here. Here are the top performers among the runningbacks for the various drills:

40-Yard Dash

  1. Da’Rel Scott, Maryland – 4.34 sec
  2. Mario Fannin, Auburn – 4.38 sec
  3. Derrick Locke, Kentucky, and Jordan Todman, Connecticut – 4.40 sec
  4. DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma – 4.41 sec
  5. Roy Helu, Nebraska – 4.42 sec

Bench Press

  1. Anthony Sherman, Connecticut – 32 reps* (*Sherman’s 32 reps is a new best for runningbacks)
  2. Shane Vereen, California – 31 reps
  3. Allen Bradford, USC – 28 reps
  4. Delone Carter, Syracuse – 27 reps
  5. Darren Evans, Virginia Tech – 26 reps

Vertical Jump

  1. Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech – 41.5″* (*Allen’s 41.5-inch vertical jump is a new best for runningbacks)
  2. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech – 40.0″
  3. Mikel Leshoure, Illinois, and Jordan Todman, Connecticut – 38.0″
  4. Mario Fannin, Auburn, and Derrick Locke, Kentucky – 37.5″
  5. Delone Carter, Syracuse – 37.0″

Broad Jump

  1. Jordan Todman, Connecticut – 10’6″
  2. DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma – 10’4″
  3. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech – 10’3″
  4. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State, and Mikel Leshoure, Illinois – 10’2″
  5. Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech, Damien Berry, Miami, Delone Carter, Syracuse, and Jamie Harper, Clemson – 10.0″

3-Cone Drill

  1. Graig Cooper, Miami – 6.66 sec
  2. Roy Helu, Nebraska – 6.67 sec
  3. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State – 6.74 sec
  4. Stevan Ridley, LSU – 6.78 sec
  5. Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech – 6.79 sec

20-Yard Shuttle

  1. Roy Helu, Nebraska – 4.01 sec* (Helu’s 4.01 sec is a new best among runningbacks)
  2. Graig Cooper, Miami – 4.03 sec
  3. Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech – 4.06 sec
  4. Delone Carter, Syracuse – 4.07 sec
  5. Damien Berry, Miami – 4.12 sec

60-Yard Shuttle

  1. Roy Helu, Nebraska – 11.07 sec* (Helu’s 11.07 sec is a new best among runningbacks)
  2. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State – 11.19 sec
  3. Jordan Todman, Connecticut – 11.25 sec
  4. Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh – 11.39 sec
  5. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech – 11.40 sec

Other Runningback News, and One Wide Receiver Impresses

  • Alabama’s Mark Ingram was a Top Performer only in the Broad Jump drill (9’10”), but didn’t hurt his stock today. He’s what the scouts expected him to be, and while his 40 time wasn’t the greatest (4.62 sec), his 0-10 yards speed was among the best (under 2 sec), which is more important than his actual complete 40-time. That means he hits the hole faster than most and is quicker to that all-important first down marker.
  • Speaking of Ingram, who some have tied to the Pats at 17th overall (he won’t last that long), discussed the comparisons between Patriots coach Bill Belichick and his college coach, Belichick disciple Nick Saban. You can read his thought here.
  • Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston doesn’t think the Pats will go for Ingram if he falls to them, but puts forth a scenario where that could happen. Check it out here.
  • Illinois runningback Mikel Leshoure, who was a Top Performer in several drills, thinks he’ll be the first back off the board come draft day.
  • ESPN’s Mel Kiper projected the Patriots drafting Leshoure with their 28th overall pick in his first mock draft.
  • Some analysts have placed wide receiver near the top of the Patriots’ needs, and while I disagree, nothing would surprise me with Bill Belichick. That being said, Alabama WR Julio Jones opened a lot of eyes at the Combine Sunday and made a strong case to be the first receiver taken in the draft. He was a Top Performer in the 40-yard dash (4.39 sec), broad jump (11’3″), and 60-yard shuttle (4.39 sec).

Quick side note: Breaking the needle on my Holy Sh!t-O-Meter, Orgeon State DT Stephen Paea set a new record in the bench press drill, putting up 225 pounds 49 times. 49 TIMES!!! More on the defensive linemen and linebackers tomorrow after they complete the rest of their drills.


  • Exam: Hunting
  • Notes: Differences between horns and antlers