Pats-Vikings Discussing Randy Moss Trade


There are rumors and conflicting reports flying around all over the place and nothing is confirmed (or denied), but the talk right now is that the Patriots are discussing trading Randy Moss to the Vikings, the team he was drafted by.’s Jay Glazer was the first to report this, stating that the two teams were close to a deal, but it was contingent on Moss working out a new deal with the Vikes. Also surfacing is a rumor, reported by the Boston Herald, that Moss asked to be traded after New England’s opening week win against Cincinnati and his famous post-game diatribe.  However, according to a NECN report, there is no trade looming between the two teams for Moss. ESPN Insider and generally on top of things guy Adam Schefter last tweeted, as of 10 pm, that a deal is “possible, but not a sure thing at this time.” So at this point, who knows? Moss has stated that he doesn’t expect to be back in New England next year after his contract expires, and the last high-profile guy that was in that position, Richard Seymour, was traded for a first round pick.

But the real question is, “If Moss is traded, how does that affect the Patriots on the field?”

Short of getting Jared Allen in this trade, I think it’s a mistake. Even when Randy Moss does not have an impact catching the ball, i.e. last night, he stretches the field and opens up things for Wes Welker and the tight ends. If Moss is dealt, who stretches the field now? Teams can sit on short routes and dare the Pats to go deep, which they won’t be able to do without Moss. Brandon Tate has potential but hasn’t shown he can do that yet. Moss and Brady have lockers right next to each other and by all accounts are friends. How will this affect #12, who just sign a long-term deal? He wasn’t happy when the Pats traded Deion Branch in 2006, which eventually led to the trade for Randy Moss the following season.

Everything seems to be up in the air at the moment. Ever since the end of last season, the Patriots have been able to stick in the news, from losing coordinators, to Vince Wilfork’s deal, to Tom Brady’s deal, to Wes Welker’s injury. Now, during the bye week, it appears they will be sticking in the news and remain a topic of discussion, despite not setting foot on a football field.